Nokia Q1 2010 Financial Statement

Nokia’s Q1 statement of 2010 is out and everything is going good for them. The Net sales of Nokia has increased to EUR 9.5 billion compared to last year’s Q1 EUR 9.2 billion. Along with this came the news that the Symbian^3 phone, which was supposed to be launched by mid 2010 is delayed by Q3 this year.


The operating profit of Nokia also increased to EUR 488 million compared to last year’s Q1 EUR 55 million. If we compare this Q1 2010 results with Q4 2009, then we find complete drop in most sectors. The Net sales in Q4 2009 was EUR 11.9 billion compared to EUR 9.5 billion in Q1 2010. The operating profit in Q4 2009 was EUR 1.1 billion compared to EUR 488 million in Q1 2010.

However, these small drops are not big worries for Nokia because the MeeGo which they have developed along with Intel, will be coming soon and is looking promising.