Nokia Point & Find Service Announced

Nokia today announced a very new & innovative service called “Point & Find” service. The service is still in beta version but still looks awesome.


This service works on advance image recognition. All you have to do is point your phone’s web camera to the image, face et cetra and the service will find the relevant information about the object. This will obviously use wireless net connection to connect to the service. Nokia also has smartly integrated GPS system in it. Other things it can do is recognize bar codes.

How to use ?

To begin, create an account. Then, follow the step-by-step instructions in the quick start guide, that will tell you how to:
Create a world you can name your own experience and customize it; remember, there is a subscription fee to create a world
Build a directory a directory lets you associate images to content or actions; you can organize your directory using folders so your users can easily navigate it
Secure access you only decide who can join your world and with what access right
Add and manage tags tags define what action will be taken when your users point at objects; they can be modified, copied, deleted

Once your world is ready, others can download it by entering its full name on the Add/Remove world screen in their P&F client.

Currently Nokia Point and Find is available only in US & UK regions. And can be accessed on Phones with high end camera, for the obvious reason that the service should be able to recognize from the photo taken.

Download Nokia Point & Find

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