Nokia Only Makes Tough Phones

Oh well, if you thought your high end Nokia phones are not really rough & tough and that you need to buy Nokia’s Official rough & tough mobile Nokia 3720, then take a look at this picture of Nokia N95 N91. The N91 N95 dropped from 3rd floor of my building and is still working. The keybad buttons are in grave but I can still use it.


So let me try dropping it from 10th floor now ;)

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Apurva Chaudhary

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  • Umm.. That looks like the N91. Not the N95.

  • Laura

    Not ALL Nokias are rough and rugged. I've only had my Twist two months and i'm currently waiting on my insurance claim to process so the broken one can be replaced.

    The phone's single hinge started failing a month after being bought. And within a month and a half it was twisting 180 degrees instead of the expected 90. About a week after that the hinge broke completely and my phone is now in two pieces.

    Dont get me wrong its a persistant lil thing. Not untill today did the screen finally give in, and i discovered a couple hours ago I can still blindly call. I'm just saying, if you're looking for a phone thats gonna keep its original function, definately don't go for the twist.