Nokia N97 vs Nokia 97 Mini vs Nokia N900 Detailed Comparison

Nokia has recently unveiled excellent cell phones at Nokia World 09. Are you still confused which one to buy? The following comparison will help you to find out the best phone according to your needs.

Nokia N900

Nokia N97Nokia N97 MiniNokia N900
Operating SystemS60 5th EditionS60 5th EditionMaemo 5
Processor ARM 11 434mhzARM 11 434mhzARM Cortex-A8 600mhz
Memory32GB onboard, 16GB microSD expandable, 128MB RAM8GB onboard, 16GB microSD expandable, 128MB RAM32GB onboard, 16GB microSD expandable, 256MB RAM, 768MB virtual memory
Talk Time6.66 hours GSM, 5.33 hours WCDMA7.2 hours GSM, 4 hours WCDMA9 hours GSM, 5 hours WCDMA
BatteryBP-4L, 1500 mAhBL-4D, 1200 mAhBL-5J, 1320 mAh
Dimensions117.2 x 55.3 x 15.9 mm, 150 g113.0 x 52.5 x 14.2 mm, 138 g110.9 x 59.8 x 18.0 mm, 181 g
Screen Size3.5″ widescreen TFT resistive touch-screen, 640×360 pixels3.2″ widescreen TFT resistive touch-screen, 640×360 pixels3.5″ widescreen resistive touch-screen, 800×480 pixels
BandsGSM 850/900/1800/1900, WCDMA 900/1900/2100 or 850/1900/2100GSM 850/900/1800/1900, WCDMA 900/1900/2100GSM 850/900/1800/1900, WCDMA 900/1700/2100
Camera5 megapixel, Carl Zeiss, 30 VGA fps video, dual LED flash5 megapixel, Carl Zeiss, 30 VGA fps video, dual LED flash5 megapixel, Carl Zeiss, WVGA 25 fps video, dual LED flash
Bluetooth2.0, with EDR and A2DP2.0, with EDR and A2DP2.1, A2DP
Price550 Euro, $750 USD450 Euro, $656 USD500 Euro, $729 USD
Release DateQ2 2009Q4 2009Q4 2009
X-FactorThe original that started it all.Smaller, lighter, and cheaper N97.Runs Maemo and has a Mozilla browser. And a fast processor.
WeaknessBuggy; subpar interfaceStill runs S60 Fifth EditionNo WCDMA 850mhz band, aka no 3G on AT&T

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  • I really like these Nokia phones. I think I would opt for the n97 Mini. I also read in one of your previous posts that Amazone drastically lowered their price for the N97 which probably means the Mini will follow suit. But it seems that the number of full-keypad sliders is growing these days. LG came with their Android and Sony Ericsson with their Xperia 2. I would definitely prefer a keypad slider to a touch screen only phone.

  • vatsalasher

    Dear Omkar, Nice info. N97 clearly comes out as a winner with its impressive spec sheet. the n97 is touted as a phone first & the n900 as a tablet first. Thats the key difference.

    I also got lured by such a comparision and we bought the n97. I am posting our experience so that potential buyers have a fair idea what they may end up with.

    34 reasons why not to buy NOKIA N97 !!
    TOPIC: Ver 12 N97 Fails !! Nokia Does not Keep Commitment…

    Hi! Check this out ! Request for inputs, from all…and comments if any NOKIA Fan would you like to defend the list of snags/shortcomings with solutions?

    Phone History…
    Purchased on : 16th Aug’09 – India
    First Repair on: 25th Aug’09
    Ver 12 was installed.
    Second Time Given to Nokia Care on: 31st Aug’09
    Promised Delivery Date: 17th September (commitment not kept)
    Revised date (after much persuasion): 30th September 2009.

    List of Issues/Questions:-
    (Points 15 & later deal with Issues specific to issues encountered post Ver. 12 update)

    1. First things first! How to request for & get refunds for a Nokia
    N97 Phone in India.
    2. Is there a touch querty for n97 as an input method? Like windows mobile?
    Request Know How. I now seem to agree to the feedback on one of the
    Blogs… that nokia designers feel that the average size of user hands
    Would be that of big people & fingers like a Japanese teen. The
    Physical keyboard does not seem to offer any additional functions
    Other than text input!
    3. Predictive text for n97 where in the touch screen
    Menu, the words don’t get auto completed. This increases the number of
    Taps/input strokes. Is the n97 intelligent & learn words from SMS,
    Contacts, emails. my blackberry does so. Request Know How & any
    Options to edit custom dictionary. Auto Punctuation? Am I expecting too much already ?
    4. Single hand use of n97 phone impractical using touch pad t9. Entering alphanumerics on the physical querty is a nightmare… Request Know how on tips & tricks.
    5. Green tick yes or v button on top left of the text input screen n97. friendly again only for big handed people. Could this have been at bottom right. Is alternate screen for text input touch t9 available?
    Requested Know how.
    6. Unnecessary taps additional taps almost in all menus…for e.g…
    Sending a biz card from n97 requires 5 taps… in the other mobile
    Phone systems it can be done in 3 taps. Requested Knowhow for
    7. Can In a nokia n97 we get a view of the entire events as single
    Thread…. No Provision for search display against keywords upon I can
    get call logs, messages – Here in Nokia, no search filters / advanced
    Search and all searches results plotted to applications vs
    Person/events. Requested Know How if it can be done like blackberry /
    windows mobile.
    8. Copy & Paste across applications in n97. eg. Select text from web page. copy n paste on message application…. possible on Nokia…?
    Requested Know How
    9. Call& Event Logs e.g Missed calls in n97. If there are 5 missed calls the
    Log will show the last called time only. In most other mobile systems
    Blackberry, windows each event is logged against a user. Requested
    know how on how this is handled in Nokia.
    10. Lag in picture display upon call in n97. Number displays first and after
    few seconds lag the pic pops up. Is this normal & acceptable? Other windows / rim devices show it instantly.
    11. When will Nokia enable usage of Native clients like google talk, yahoo like blackberry, iphone for n97 ? Any know how on possibility of release. Any equal alternatives suggested for n97. Tried Nimbuzz, Fring, Ebuddy. Miss the chat message notification icon on home screen, notification on the chat messaging icon, sound, breathing
    12. Is there any planning for better email client for n97? Likely Release dates?
    13. The Java App for GMAIL on blackberry shows an indicator on icon
    in addition to customized alert setting tone & breathing light for new
    messages. Retrieving Emails is consistent & auto on other devices. The
    Nokia Does not seem to auto refresh + No Notification. How is it
    handled on Nokia n97 ?
    14. Can user friendliness be something where we can do actions with a
    contact or on contacts screen single view… e.g see contact on google
    map, Help on contacts screen/n97 help, lookup contact on server,
    filter by category. new address, new group, view, edit, delete,
    activity log (incl sms, mms, email, calls), call, sms, mms, email,
    send as attachment, send as im, add a custom ring tone, add picture,
    options – sort by, separators, sync settings, actions, switch
    applications, exit. We have seen it on inexpensive phones. is it
    possible to be done on Nokia n97 flagship?

    SOME OF MY STILL UNRESOLVED PROBLEMS Post upgrade to ver 12.

    15. Contacts inaccessible – “Memory Full Error”. No other applications were active at the time of the error. Just unable to reach any of my
    3500 contacts through the contacts options & do anything.
    (update 16th Sept: Unofficially though a nokia rep confirmed that any user having 3000+ contacts are likely to face such issues)
    16. Pbk2 error n97 upon selecting contacts in the messaging application.
    17. Audio Delay in n97 upon receiving a call. No Sound upon connection of
    incoming call. Especially if picked up too fast.
    18. Shows as searching for network constantly many times a day. We have 2 n97s & observed that both n97 almost have similar timing of network loss. Whereas, our other devices like blackberry do not show any weak signal signs.
    19. GPS Lock failure in n97. Keeps searching for GPS locks constantly i.e Drops connection to GPS network frequently.
    20. Un-predictive battery talk time n97, standby & required Charge time.
    21. Voice inaudible at other end from n97, when using loudspeaker & especially during calls from moving vehicle.
    22. n97 Camera:
    a. Picture clarity issues. Secondary camera highly pixelated. Primary
    camera shows light flooding on pictures. Clarity Missing.
    b. Erroneous Time stamp on images.
    c. Lens Cover Started to show minor scratch pressure.
    23. n97 Ovi Suite recommends erroneous updates for E.g Maps 3 ( as of 31st Aug’09)
    24. n97 Text Input touch t9 screen freezes / Hangs, especially when entering special characters like period(.), comma(,), exclamation (!) etc
    25. n97 Selectively & at random contact Name not displayed on Caller ID (sometimes)
    26. n97 Selectively Message & Message delivery display number, instead of stored contact names.
    27. Sync Issue, All contacts not synced always. How to sync “categories” field as stored in outlook or how to map custom fields to Nokia n97.
    28. Format Mass Memory error n97, Unable to format. Unable to delete specific files.
    29. The auto lock n97… When attempted to unlock with querty out .. it still opens in portrait mode ?
    30. n97 SMS Logs Not updated. e.g any sms sent before storing a contact…. after storing or adding contact the number does not get automatically updated to the name. It reflects the number still in the logs./ Logs do not get updated.
    31. n97 Picture caller… The face is half cut ..Looks weird on most images… as the number is not transparent. In landscape mode there is enough space on the screen to put up the answer or reject buttons and displaying the numbers.
    32. n97 primitive Browser will close on its own & return to menu or home screen. thanks in advance for your time to stop & read. Pls do send any information that you think will be useful to me for making the n97 do some work.

    NEW additions: (14th Sept)

    (tested on our second n97)

    33. n97 Predictive Text: Usage for auto word completion only on physical keyboard, when the Dpad down key is used it throws up options but the way the scroll is designed you can not see the full word and one makes mistakes. How to see the full word & edit custom dictionary.
    34. Another strange behaviour is on the n97 text input on browser… this was on an email i was trying to reply. The stylus touch will paste the last keyed in word!! We wonder why.

    Nokia this is a big let down…

    Still, i would like to be optimistic. I think its not a nokia product failure alone, but a marketing overdrive which has led to very high expectations of a un-finnish-ed kind of device. Lets be optimistic.. drop in your wishlist of wanted features & irrtants on your current n97 to me at [email protected]. As a unified list let me try if my persuation with Nokia can get us something that we expected from the device….

    Thanks for your time.


    PS. Ver 2 – though too early to comment just from the video, but apart from Kinetic Scrolling, new music app – not much… maybe some future version may make it today ready

    PS2: One of the other blog moderators shouted at me for making this post under a wrong thread… Joseph Jonny.. would have appreciated if the blog moderator could have helped with any answers to the multiple issues on the n97!! (recd a respone 18-sept that my post has now been submitted & maybe the next firmware update will help. Thanks jonny !)

    PS3:(18th Sept) – Nokia for every SEO/Social Network marketing trick that you try harder, the current set of n97 owners will rebuke your claims. Work on the device/firmware issues & provide resolution rather than drain marketing dollars.

    PS 4: Does anyone know if Tomi kuparinen & Tomoharu yazawa – who are the n97 product managers or team fired or yet on the job ? guys you have some moral responsibility to own up to for failing so many people!!

    • Rohan

      Fantastic info!! helped a lot…thnx man!!! N900 will def be the best option i guess.

      • Julian

        Wow! have been Nokia user for over ten yrs but will never buy this one. THANKS A MIL FOR THE WORNING!

  • Nokia sure makes the best and ergonomic phones in the market today. the Nokia N97 have very good ergonomics and is very user friendly

  • Anthony

    Hey Omkar,

    Detailed Roundup man! Some of the user comments above are interesting… think i'll stick with my iPhone.



  • hey guysss i thnk n900 is the best out aff all 3…no1 is happy who is currently havng n97 as per them they have to give their phn to the care centre after evry 1 month…whch is nt a good sign….i am buyng N900 which i guess has better features but a little more expensive than n97 whch does nt matter….so any1 who is ready to spnd money to buy a phn shld go fr n900…

  • Nokia N900 has internal memory Up to 32 GB and expendable Up to 48 GB. It’s just like a mini computer that you always kept in your pocket. You can save a huge data in Nokia N900. . So all in all this is a nice 3G smart phone.

    • Jaan Sass

      I disagree with the bad English comments above the Nokia N97 was the best phone that I owned and survived deployment with me to Iraq in 120 degree Fahrenheit temperature. It survived marches dust rain and other bad elements found on a battlefield. I used it as a wifi device and phone and never had any problems. Unfortunately my house was robbed and it was stolen from me. The Nokia N97 was my favorite phone and I miss it immensely.