Nokia N97 Coming Out At A Incredibly Stupid Price Of $700 In North America

We had written about the Nokia N97 pricing a bit earlier, and have confirmed that the Nokia N97 will be launching on June 2nd-3rd with a $700 price tag in North America.

This is a big stupidity in several senses, the North American consumer is not shopping as they did couple of years ago, leave along a $700 phone which does not come with any data plan or contract in place, they would not even buy a $300 laptop without features.

Agreed that the N97 is the most feature filled phone, and we have covered it fully, however the pricing is a strategic failure in the North American market, and most certainly a big failure at this point of time.

I would certainly want to get my hands on a N97 and am desperately waiting for it, however spending that much amount of money to get a phone is sheer stupidity and I would certainly not loosen my purse for that price, and so will not many North Americans who are already going through a crisis to look at a iPhone killer which has a killer price tag to it.

What are your thoughts?

One thought on “Nokia N97 Coming Out At A Incredibly Stupid Price Of $700 In North America”

  1. Agree. The price is simply too high. With that kind of money you can almost buy an ibook. To make things worse, lately Nokia’s been having quality build issues. Plus the hardware already looks obsolete.. (no AMOLED screen? only 5mpx camera? no xenon flash?) What happened Nokia? Looks like you got greedy! Bad move in today’s economy… Don’t see any reason to buy the N97, since the 5800 xm has got the same features minus the camera and the storage (which do not justify the price difference).

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