New Ovi Maps for Nokia N97 Coming Next Week With Firmware Update

Nokia today released a new version of Ovi Maps with improved UI and various new features at their bigOvi event.They have also started offering free turn-by-turn navigation, and voice based guidance for Ovi Maps, across 74 countries and in more than 40 languages. As we reported earlier, right now the free turn-by-turn navigation is available for 10 of the most popular Nokia devices with GPS including the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, N97 Mini, Nokia E72 and the recently launched Nokia X6. As you can see the Nokia N97 is not included in the list.


This news certainly made the owners of Nokia N97 angry. Many press reporters present at the Ovi event today, even asked Nokia about the lack of support for Nokia N97 by the new version of Ovi Maps. Nokia said that installing the new version of Ovi Maps required atleast 20Mb of free space in the C: drive, which the N97 lacks. So Nokia will soon release a new firmware for N97, with the new version of Ovi Maps integrated. The firmware update is supposed to come out on 28th of January.

The new version of Ovi Maps has an improved and more polished UI, and even allows sharing your current location with your friends on Facebook. The new version will also support offline browsing, so users can load the map data on their phone, and use the GPS of their phone without any data connection. This feature makes Nokia Ovi Maps more cost efficient than Google Maps.

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  • There has been so much bad publicity about the N97. I bought mine in December 2009. Maybe I'm lucky, but its a fantastic phone. My firmware update is not yet available (I'm still on 12.2.024) so I'm trying to not get excited about this "announcement" for an update next week. I'll believe it when I see it.

    I already use Ovi Maps (but pay for it) and find it works well and seamlessly. My only gripe (when I compare it with Google Maps) is that the satellite view is a bit dated. With that said, it is a very functional navigator, and wonderful to use.

    • ferry

      look at the comments…..!

  • Tom Rees

    The new Ovi maps is much slicker than the older one – at least on my N97 mini. Google maps was previously my app of choice, but not any more. I'll keep Google on, because it's still useful for finding bus stops and routes!

  • ferry

    Official support for Ovi Maps on N97 will be coming on 28th Jan 2010. But you can get it working on your N97 right now! Heres how.

    Step 1. Download the Ovi Maps .sis file from Select phone as Nokia N97 Mini. Click on the square area from the pic below.

    Step 2. Copy the Ovi Maps .sisx file to your N97. And using File Manager on your mobile, open the Maps .sisx to install.

    Everything else is as per instructions.

    • Vincent

      LOL, ferry, you nearly got me. The reason why your above suggestion WONT work on the N97 is that the program will install to C: and the N97 just doesn't have the room. That is why N97 users have to wait at least until 28th Jan for this to work for them.

      • Vincent

        Woops… helps to read the instructions! :)

        • ferry

          you see…….

          • BP

            Ferry, where abouts is the .sis file to download? I can't find it anywhere on the maps page.

          • ferry

            hellobp here's the link go to the copy to pc or mac link


          • ferry

            in te middle window at the bottem


          • BP

            After posting my message I actually sorted it. However it has taken practically all my C: Memory. I can't even display favourite Contact pictures, neither will Facebook load. I'm sure when the new firmware is available, and install the correct version of maps every thing should be perfect. Cheers anyway

  • penelaine

    The maps is great on my 5800 Xpress. the connectivity is fast and the maps is accurate. you will have to connect to the internet for the maps when using the turn by turn but i found that the data needed was not very much.

    thank you nokia

  • doglaN97

    It works on my N97 and still have 40 MB on C. it's version 3.03 but I still won't use it since Nokia or Ovi didn't produce a decent map of my country yet (Suriname). And the roads that are mentioned don't come anywhere near where they should be. So I'll be using garmin for now, at least there's map available for garmin.