Nokia N97 Gets Major Firmware Update

Back in June, when Nokia launched N97, it carried hell loads of hope for Nokia. But the device didn’t turn out to be as successful as Nokia thought it might be ( considering the amount of marketing Nokia did ). Over a period of time, Nokia already had about two firmware upgrades.  nokia-n97

Today, Nokia has rolled out its third firmware upgrade for its N97, which was supposed to be the Nokia’s flagship device. Firmware v20.2.019 seems to be a major firmware upgrade to   Nokia as it tried to enhance and improve device functionalities. New firmware highlights:

  • Kinetic scrolling being added to user interface for all pages and menu items. We have been waiting for this particular   upgrade for a long time now.
  • Enhanced keyboard. Now secondary characters and symbols can be enabled with a long press.
  • Replacement of the Contacts application with Nokia’s presence and IM-enabled Ovi Contacts address book.
  • Update to Ovi Maps 3.1
  • Integrated Ovi applications in Menu
  • More RAM assigned to device solving the low memory issues.
  • Improved touchscreen
  • New widgets
  • Bugs fixed

This upgrade is available to device users via the Software Updater application on the device (for over-the-air updating) and via the Nokia Software Updater PC application.

P.S. Since this is a major firmware upgrade, enhancing the device in-depth, users are advised to backup data before upgrading. Users might also need to reinstall apps. So it is better if you take full device backup before you start upgrading your N97.

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