Nokia N97 Firmware Upgrade Now available

As we had mentioned earlier that today Nokia would be releasing the firmware version 21.0.045 (RM-505) / 21.2.045 (RM-507) for the Nokia N97, it’s here. Its time to rejoice for all the Nokia N97 users. This upgrade is made available via Nokia Software updater on your PC and not via OTA (Over The Air) as it’s a major upgrade.

The Changelog for version 21.0.045 (RM-505) / 21.2.045 (RM-507) Includes:

  • Improved call reliability
  • Smooth touch screen scrolling
  • Browser improvements
  • Music player improvements
  • Improved image and video stability

As always, we would highly recommend you to backup all you data before the upgrade. Even though Nokia provides User Data Prevention it’s better to be on a safer side. It might be possible that the update might not be available in your region, in that case just chill and wait till it arrives for your region OR you can change the product code of your device and upgrade, if you are just too impatient.

If you notice any further change log in your device after the upgrade, just drop in a comment below and we would update this post with your tip and of course giving you the much deserved credits. Till then enjoy your upgrade.

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  • Hi there,

    Model: N97 and Typ: RM-505 SW Rev: v12.0.62 and NSU says: “current version is up-to-date”. Are there any tricks or hints?


    • You can change your product code to the region where it is currently available using Nemesis service suit (NSS). But do it at your own risk.

      • Hi, thank you!

        I tried this and it works, well the keyboard layout is different now, but i'll check this later on ;-)


  • Karan Satija


    I'm went to a hotspot(a mobile store) to buy a Nokia N97..He said Nokia people have taken away his N97 handsets..There is some problem..N i should try n97 mini..but I'm more keen about 32GB N97
    Is that true? Does N97 have some problems?? Hardware or Software wise?? I heard about some battery issue also..
    Please suggest should I buy N97 or not??
    Any other handset better then this in the market?


  • Karan Satija

    kuch toh bolo yar

  • H3y Frnds! Please Help Me! Mary N97 Ki Bluetooth Or Wlan Nahi Chal Raha! Bluetooth On Karo To Yes Msg Ata Han! (unable to perform Bluetooth operation) What’s Is This Error Its Hardware Problem Ya Software? Any One Tell Me About This erorr?