Nokia Pushes Through Maemo 1.2 for N900 – Confirms That It Won’t Be Getting MeeGo

Nokia-N900-Meego Nokia N900 has long been a dream device for power users, simply because of its mod-ability. Modders have managed to do everything from running Android to porting OS X. And now, it appears that the N900’s flexibility will come in handy once again.

Nokia has confirmed that it won’t be officially supporting Meego on the N900. Meego is a Linux based operating system, which hopes to combine the best of Nokia’s Maemo and Intel’s Moblin. Of course, this isn’t a horribly bad news. You can already install an early build of Meego on the N900 and unofficial Meego builds will definitely continue to flourish in the future.

On a more cheerful note, Nokia has begun pushing through Maemo 1.2 for the N900. Engadget is reporting that the firmware update is already available in the UK and will be available elsewhere soon. The new firmware adds Facebook IM chat, video-calling and portrait mode browsing, while improving upon e-mail support and Ovi Maps.

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