Nokia N9 Lookalike Caught Running Android

How do you kill a platform and a handset, even before it’s launched? You make the same handset, albeit with a subtle changes, to run a competing OS. Nokia did the same thing when it announced the N9 running MeeGo, and then at the same event previewed an identical handset running WP7, its future smartphone OS.

Now, as if all this was not enough, an image of a N9 look-alike running Android has popped up on the Internet. This image comes from the same folks who leaked the Sea Ray‘, way back in May itself. It is still not confirm whether this image is genuine or not. From the image, the N9 lookalike is running a stock Android 2.3 Gingerbread build.


However, if true, this image clearly shows that Nokia tried all the available options (WP7, Android, and MeeGo) before deciding on WP7, as their future smartphone OS. Who knows, if Nokia and Microsoft partnership fails, the Finnish giant might consider moving to Android.

What this does mean though is that, once the N9 is available to the general public, except developers to port WP7 and Android to the handset.

Via – Engadget

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