Nokia N87 Prototype Shows Up on eBay?

eBay is used to sell anything and everything, but it looks like someone has got their hands on a Nokia N87 prototype and is selling it on eBay for a bomb.

Nokia N87 C Prototype

A German seller is selling a Nokia N00 N86 C Prototype with 12 megapixels camera, this is very much like the one the N87 was rumored to have. The price of the phone is set for $799.99, however, the seller is not the owner of the phone and found it in a bar, anyone?

Phone is barely used, no scratches or dings. Its a rare prototype, fully functional. You might be the only person with this phone for a while! Its makerd (sic) as Nokia N00, but checking the phone, I might say its the prototype of the unreleased N87. Phone was found in a bar, its unlocked and fully functional!

From the pictures of the phone on the site, it looks like it is a N87 prototype, so who is Nokia going to fire now? If you are interested in buying the phone or having a look at it, you can hit eBay.

(h/t @raghul1989)

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