Nokia N8 Symbian Anna Update Imminent!

Nokia will finally started rolling out the much-awaited Symbian Anna update for its camera with telephoning capabilities – the N8.

The Symbian Anna update brings with it a host of changes, which will definitely be welcomed by all Symbian loyalists. First and foremost, the whole UI has been tweaked, with rounded and larger icons, so as to make it more touch friendly.

Other than the new icons, there is also a new and much improved web-browser on-board. While the browser is not up to Android or iPhone level, it still is pretty good. The Anna update will also bring a portrait based QWERTY text-input system for the N8. There will also be a ‘split view’ text input system, when entering text in web pages and apps. The music player and the photo gallery app have also got minor UI tweaks. All other Ovi apps on the phone like Ovi Maps, Music, and Ovi store have also been updated to the latest versions.

At the moment, the firmware is listed in NaviFirm, which means that Nokia will start rolling out the firmware any moment now. Hopefully, the Anna update for other Symbian^3 based handsets like the E7, C7 and C6-01 will also be released soon.

All Symbian^3 owners need to make sure that they have Ovi Suite v3.1.185 or above installed, for the update to show up.




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  • I just updated my Nokia N8 to Symbian Anna, it’s working great.

  • eyla

    how to regconise n8 symbian.? I know this sounds silly, but I really do not know how to update the phone.

  • Andrew

    My daughter had her N8 in for repairs last week and when it came back they had installed Symbian Anna on it. I have an N8 as does my wife. We both want Anna on our phones too but Ovi doesn’t have it. Where can I get it.

    • Rodolfo

      @Andrew, first download and install the latest version of Nokia Ovi Suite – from on your pc. Once you get it all set up and ready to go, make sure you own a USB cable – note this is the only way to update your cell phone – through Ovi Store PC Client or Nokia Software Update utility. With your device connected to the pc, open up the program – either Ovi Suite or NSU – and then, look at the upper side of it, there is an icon with the symbol of a green arrow, click on it and let the program look for a newer version for your cell phone. If it finds something it will let you know and will proceed on a three-step setup to update your device.

  • Does anyone out there know why the new Symbian Anna upgrade causes the Nokia N8 to consume battery power much faster than before? I seem to be spending most of my time charging my phone these days…