Nokia N8 – Just Another High End Phone

Nokia N900 is a great device – one that mobile enthusiasts and heavy web surfers would appreciate. Yet, it is not a handset that can take on the likes of Apple iPhone and Motorola Droid. Ever since N95, Nokia has been struggling to come out with a universally appealing high-end device. Unfortunately, it seems that Nokia’s struggle will continue for the time being. Their next flagship high-end handset – the N8, is shaping up to be the disappointment of the year.


According to a review published by, the N8 is just another me-too device. It has plenty going right for itself, including multi-touch support, 12-megapixel camera and 720p video recording. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any killer feature that can make it stand out from the crowd.


The chief limiting factor of the N8 is its operating system. Symbian^3 offers very little new functionality. Even worse, most of the new functionality is simply stuff that is already available on other platforms.

Nokia N8 will not ship until the third quarter of this year. Nokia still has some time to refine the user experience. However, that may not be sufficient to save yet another possibly doomed Nokia handset.

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Pallab De

Pallab De is a blogger from India who has a soft spot for anything techie. He loves trying out new software and spends most of his day breaking and fixing his PC. Pallab loves participating in the social web; he has been active in technology forums since he was a teenager and is an active user of both twitter (@indyan) and facebook .

  • totally agree…the N95 is still the best device out there. Nokia is losing marketshare, but I don't think it has anything to do with their devices…I think it's the limitations of Symbian…just as you've said. I don't forsee Nokia moving to android…I sure hope they can get their act together though.

    • Jacks

      What do you mean by limitations of Symbian OS….It is one of the best Smart Phone OS available today…Can you tell me an OS which performs multitasking efficiently with less hardware configuration. It's not the problem with the OS,it's the problem with the S60.Nokia has agreed this in one of their videos and that's what Nokia is working on at the moment, rewriting the UI using QT.

  • mendi

    "Nokia N8 – Just Another High End Phone" – what do you expect from nokia? the coming 4th gen iphone, new blackberries and android devices, are also just high end phones since all of them, more or less, has the same functions unless they will add a feature that will revolutionize the smart phone technology. find a more creative title for your blog.

  • richard lewis

    why do you try to copy some shitty reviews and then paste it here. If at all you were so knowledgeable do you think you should be reviewing a unfinished product..

    • shansp3

      very wise.totally agreed.what ppl dont seem to realise is that for one,nokia produces reliable products.yes u do have bugs here and there,but whatever that it does it is much better than the others.s60 has been there for years.even before i phone 2G was that time there wasnt much in the phone industries…however following i phones success,many mobile makers changed their direction and this is why s60 was left out.however nokia was developing symbian 3 and symbian 4.n8 would be the pioneer of symbian 3 and would be a stepping stone for symbian 4.i have been using nokia for ages and have covered most of their platforms.i have used e native os and currently android.features in symbian 3 are on par with the market needs.u dont need 1ghz processor to power ur phone.can u find a single app that requires 1ghz processor?n8 will be using 680mhz which is powerful enough and battery nexus one dies in a e72 last terms of practicality,nokia excels.that is why it has always been on the top spot.

  • Josh

    This review is in total bias as the website reviewing that is referenced had a very early prototype model, especially as the software had not be tweaked or finalized yet. I would totally disregard this review as so far the officially announced version of the Nokia N8 has proven to take exceptional Video and photo, this official release it self is still yet to be perfected. I would wait till it has been released to public before making up your mind.

  • Nokia

    it is groundbreaking it will be the only device which has tv out that also HD, 12 mp camera – iphone has a shit 2 mp camera with no bluetooth sharing fundamental things such as Pics, this article writer is on LSD, what was ground breakin on iphone hardware a touch screen, pdas could do that at time. Though I believe Nokia has to work on ease of use of Symbian and an app store which can boast of 'app for everything'.

  • it amazes me that you have already critisized the device especially as an "also just ran". if you actually were "techheads" you would realize that the person who wrote the article (mr eldar muratizin) on the N8 had: 1. a prototype device 2. a fallout with nokia (thus the anti nokia reviews of late of even the heralded n900)..needless to say alot of people have forgotten this is also a device supporting hd out along with mobile tv channels a 12mp camera with xenon flash and a 28mm focal aperture like that of stand alone point and shoot cameras…and of course EVERY 3G band..yes…no diffrentiation between usa or europe anymore…yet you critizize it….when the other manufacturers catch up…maybe then u can critisize…and why all the hate on symbian? it still is the best mobile OS out there…just maybe not a "eye candy" as you may like it…but definatly as/more functional….

  • paul

    I disagree with article:
    i simply found out about this phone by search.
    for me is fabulous phone which conect in one all that i need.

    last phones i had i liked some features more than another:
    TV-Out (loved it used it)
    FM trasmiter – used it every day for music in the car
    Oled screen – after holding in the hands N85 with such screen, dont wana another type of screen
    Camera not so important to me

    I have more points to write, but i think you understand me as i say. this is only device which have all this posibilities inside. Good screen, TV-out, Fm trasmiter.
    Ofcourse is just mine opinion. but NOkia made phone like orentating to mine needs:)
    I checked HTC- desire, Nokia 900, Xperia x10.. and more other manufactures end-phones but none of them conected all features i want, except this one

    • Hi, Nokia N8 going to be number one smartphone in this and next year!

  • Ramesh

    Apart from all the things mention in comments, I should say, USB on the GO is a great feature on the N8. So far no phone is on the market to mach that feature. it is indeed a killer out of all the touch screen phones with the AOLED touch screen , HDMI interface , and USB on the GO. the auther of this blog should learn about a device befor trying to talk ablout it.

  • javier

    its not fair to only say the bad stuff…. i realize my nokia could be faster, ive had 3366, n70, n95 and 5800 and i fell in love with symbian back then..ok now others have improved in areas were nokia hasnt as much… Nokia is trying hard to please crowds, but i honestly think that its still the leader to beat,thas why it gets so critizized. In adding of all the great features i have to say the exceleent and FREE GPS ovi maps…. this is a huge move! it adds a lot o value to a nokia phone and i appreciate that a lot… Still the most complete durable phone out there… iphone is now leader in stability and to be fair iphone 4 its getting where i start to pay a little attetntion to this phone… n8 its great but no match to the crowds as iphone 4… nokia is not there yet… goood stufff…but hasnt found the magic touch…. still…i prefer nokia and wait for them to get it together…nokia just rocks!

  • cnb

    1stly dis author pallab de who calls himself a techie lover is an insult to all other 'real' techie lovers….how can 'anyone' write a review on a prototype?…i agree wid all d above comments.

    Secondly, i think i just wasted a couple of minutes readin this crap, so to make up for it, i ll comment to inform all that a set of 3 videos, 6 min each have cme up on youtube frm nokia where d creative head, briefly xplains all the features of phone. ALSO is a video der where 3 new games frm EA are shown. They luk really promising and showcasd the awsome hardware N8's loaded wid. Check it out.

    Finally, agreed, N8 MAY turn out to be dissapointing due to a problem tat MAY crop up. But so does any fone tag will come into d market and Nokia5800 , tag has a tag of complaints associated is still THE phone tat brought touchscreen to the mainstream( all classes of people)….the least v can do is have a lil bit 'hope' if not 'faith' n nokia.

  • Jidd

    Well who cares if it´s high-end?

    Got the same functions as the new iphone4 for half the price and way better camera.

    When apple boosting they have 600.000 phones on pre order, Nokia laughs all the way to the bank since they sell 1.5 MILLION PHONES EVERYDAY.

    iphone is a simple phone for simple people that don´t require anything but the basics from a phone.

    Just a ton of retarded apps to play with.

    So a pretty mainstream phone that with the new one just manages to get close to function and specs as any random HTC, Motorola, Nokia phone.

    Video calls? Nokia 2004, be able to switch from front facing camera to forward big camera, Nokia did it in 2004 as well. Whats the BIG news with that?

    F**king basic stuff hailed as the Christ reborn. Jeeez…

    Multi tasking? well symbian done that for the last 10 years or so, Nokia N900 multitask in realtime without any real performance loss unless you open up more then 10 programs then it might slow down a bit.

    Also congratulations to new improved "ads in your apps" feature baked into the OS with iphone4, that kind of sucks dont you think…

    But good luck with the iphone since it will not be remembered in 10 years except for it´s limited functions.

    • zarul666

      i’ll give u 20 thumbs up if all my fingers are all thumbs!i really like your comment!

      • ash16

        really loved ur comment!!

    • Andy

      Unfortunately in 10 years Nokia will be already out of this business…

      • aLEX

        all those apple haters hahaha, you look so retarded, APPLE will continue to be on top :)

    • bootstrap

      love your comment mate!!! apple is for those people who dont want their phone in a geeky way….

  • Francisco Cano

    What a horrible review!

    What about the ones of us who just wants something that works, and are not focused on having stuff that's better than everybody else? I am not looking for eyecandy, or to get a phone I can show off to my HTC Desire friends – I am looking for a Nokia Phone that works.

    • Dan Price

      Try the Nokia 3210

  • lonely cent

    i like iphone 4G ,because it has the best cemara. and its multi task is the best.and i can use memory card as a mass storage so that life makes easy. and i like its bluetooth, easy to transfer files with high quality. i like its way of sync my pc too. the pictures come in real quality, thanks to iOS 4. wow. :-d , THAT SYMBIAN CANT DO THem WELL, as my iphone does. i think the author of this article might agree with this too

    • josh

      Your full of shit, you can't uses a mem card as mass storage on the iPhone 4, the camera is Only half decent compared to many smart phones on the market, also unless you jailbreak your iPhone you can't send anything but pictures over Bluetooth, even then you still rewquired a 3rd party app! I'm not bagging out the iPhone, I'm getting mine soon, but everything you listed is bull.

      • Random

        I think you missed the sarcasm in the post… :)

  • Paul

    Iphone is good only because its OS and for persons who dont require to much "inside" knowledge". For didnt like Iphone as for me as Pc person it didnt gave same amount of posibilities as symbian. oofcourse Apple OS looks much beter and are way more userfriendly. Now trying HTc with android. great OS, have lots of future perspectives but again same probelm i miss variaty and posible complexity of programs for any ocasion (speaking not about games)
    By hardware N8 is way in lead if to compare with 4gs (maybe screen is beter in 4gs, but there can be arrgue).
    Camera i cant say, i like flash xeon in N8. also i tried photos with 4gs and i can say that mine old n82 with xeon flash makes much beter pictures (personal opinion from personal experience, althou i am not fotographer), especialy at dark.
    N8 is puting bigest camera sensor to phone on a market. sensor makes pictures look good not lots of mp. ofcourse mp also maters.
    In short mine opinion is that 4gs is made for simple use 9even mine granmother has 3gs and dont have problems in useing it:) ) but if you want more posibilities with your smartphone i would choose symbian. android has good posibilities but still need development.
    Also no one knows how things will look than Symbian v3 is also becoming open scource (nokia understood that if it want to keep shares in market need to change its way, in other words adapt).
    Sorry for mistakes, english is not mine primary language.

  • Christopher

    Its an interesting way to dismiss a new product. As if the much bally-hoo’d iPhone 4 actually came out with something truly innovative, other than reception problems. What has always set Nokia way ahead of the geegaw junk the technophobe Job’s fan base adores is that Nokia has remembered that a cell phone is first a phone and second all those other things.

    • Marc

      That’s exactly where you are wrong. Nokia remembered nothing… they always just stuffed features over features in a over-aged OS, paired with the ugliest designs you can imagine and poor usability…

  • Joe


  • Jennifer

    Here is another win for NOKIA.

    Nokia N8 going to be number one smartphone in this and next year.,+samsung+galaxy+s,+apple+iphone+4&ctab=0&geo=all&date=mtd&sort=0

    • jake

      How can you make a review of a product that is released 6 months after this review, you idiot??

  • It is not fair to judge the phone only by its OS.. Symbian^3. However, many has pre-ordered this disappointing device..

  • stuff

    Maybe this site should review a phone the old fashioned way… By reviewing it themselves rather than looking at others impressions.

    • mariano

      jajajajajaja totally agree

  • KMAX

    thats it?? if symbian works well, does the job well, why want more??
    and is it just another me-too phone, or is this just another me-too-bashing-nokia-review-even-though-i-havent-seen-anything??

  • Jennifer

    Excellent video from Nokia N8 phone. The quality is wery good and so fun.

  • The N8 is a fantastic phone, the quality of materials is great and his camera is wonderful. the features that I like the most are that it can read USB memory and the FM transmitter.
    But I’m not too sure about the good performance of the new Symbian OS, this phone I think it would be better with android