Nokia N8 – Just Another High End Phone

Nokia N900 is a great device – one that mobile enthusiasts and heavy web surfers would appreciate. Yet, it is not a handset that can take on the likes of Apple iPhone and Motorola Droid. Ever since N95, Nokia has been struggling to come out with a universally appealing high-end device. Unfortunately, it seems that Nokia’s struggle will continue for the time being. Their next flagship high-end handset – the N8, is shaping up to be the disappointment of the year.


According to a review published by, the N8 is just another me-too device. It has plenty going right for itself, including multi-touch support, 12-megapixel camera and 720p video recording. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any killer feature that can make it stand out from the crowd.


The chief limiting factor of the N8 is its operating system. Symbian^3 offers very little new functionality. Even worse, most of the new functionality is simply stuff that is already available on other platforms.

Nokia N8 will not ship until the third quarter of this year. Nokia still has some time to refine the user experience. However, that may not be sufficient to save yet another possibly doomed Nokia handset.

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