Nokia N8 Gets Software Apps Update 1.0

just got a Software update, the update is called Apps update 1.0 and is basically a performance update for the built-in apps.


Unfortunately there is no changelog available for the update yet. Will update the post when I come across it. Unfortunately this is not a Firmware update so don’t expect those touch lags and rotation lags to just go away.

I am still looking at what performance changes the update has brought, will update this post with more information shortly.

One thought on “Nokia N8 Gets Software Apps Update 1.0”

  1. In my N8, all updates install(ed) correctly, but only 2: Phone Apps Update and Apps Update 1.0. fail to install. Just this message: Failed. Now even they’ve stopped appearing in the list of ‘Available Updates’ (though they do show in ‘Update History list’.

    How to solve this problem. Even checked/tried thru OVI suite. But ovi is only offering to install “Galaxy on Fire, Need for Speed, Real Golf”.

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