Nokia N8 And C7 Shipping With Defective Screens?

Nokia has been facing a lot of criticism for nearly all of their moves including the highly debatable and the much controversial Nokia-Microsoft deal. Irrespective of all this, there is no denying of the fact that the latest Symbian (former Symbian^3) handsets from Nokia have been selling in decent numbers.

The Finnish giant managed to sell nearly 4 million N8’s in the last quarter of 2010 and the C7 is also selling in decent quantities. Both these handsets the N8 and the C7 use an AMOLED screen, with the latter featuring a CBD (ClearBlack Display) as well. Now, some N8 and C7 owners are reporting that the screen on their handset(s ) is having some red-purple color tint and poor color gradients issue.


Apparently, the issue is a hardware one and not a software one or a poor color calibration of the screen from Nokia. The issue is not a widespread one but quite a sizeable number of N8/C7 owners are facing the same problem.

Here is a link to a thread on DailyMobile about the AMOLED screen color problem on the N8. Users can read more about this problem and check if their N8/C7 has the same screen problem or not, here.

Nokia has not made any official statement regarding this issue until now, and if the issue is a hardware one, I doubt that they will!

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    Date: June 12, 2011

    To Nokia Corporation

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    Subject: Purchase of Nokia mobile WR c7
    Serial No: 355379040950114 – Purchased for KD.115/- which is Euro: 300/- appxtly.
    Sold with manufacturing defect
    Request for assistance.

    Dear Sirs:

    Reference to above, I had purchased this Nokia in December 2010 and very next day I noted that this was a defective mobile and tried to return the same to the company but was refused to accept the same and I was directed to check with Compel Phone Company to check the defect and was informed that they will repair the problem.

    The defect of this telephone is: it gets suddenly disconnected and automatically connected. Supposing you are dialing Finland – it will get disconnect suddenly during your conversation and gets connected.

    Please be informed that I had visited Compel Phone Company 9which is Authorized Company to take care of maintenance) and regret very much to inform you that this company is unable to fix or repair my mobile – I visited 9 times so far and company accepts my phone and confirms they repair and so far their technicians are unable to fix the defect.

    Due to above, I have checked ‘Nokia mobile Manual’ and found your company address and take this liberty to bring to your attention about this defective mobile, hoping that your will assist me to find solution to fix the problem.

    Please check and do confirm the receipt of this fax message and your assistance to sort this problem and you may send me the reply via email: [email protected] or [email protected].

    Thanks in advance.

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