The Problem with Reviewing the Nokia Lumia 900

Perception is Reality

I am not going to defend Nokia and Microsoft here. This is a genuine issue today, and a lot of customers are going to look at specs. Remember how Apple was also criticized before it got a dual-core chip in the iPhone? The thing going against Windows Phone now is that “all other phones” have multiple cores and more memory, so the perception is that Windows Phones are somehow lacking in their specification. Of course, we know that is not true. For most of the common tasks that you would do on your phone, Windows Phone is demonstrably faster, as seen by the results of the somewhat controversial Smoked By Windows Phone (and its equivalents around the world) campaign.

I have played with the phone at CES, although it cannot be called “testing” or “review”. I like how it is designed, the cyan color, and that it has LTE. I like the 4.3” screen, although at the size you can probably see the deficiency of 800×480 resolution. I love the fact that Nokia is throwing in a bunch of exclusive Nokia apps and also have some third-party apps and games, coming first to the Lumia line of phones. I like that the phone is priced to sell aggressively, to first-time smartphone buyers as well. Would I like to see a higher resolution screen, especially for that screen size? Sure. Would I love to have the top 10 non-game apps on iOS be available on Windows Phone? Sure. At this point though, at $99 with contract with all the other features that come with the phone, I would say this is a great phone to buy. This holds true especially if you have a previous generation Windows Phone, or if you are new to smartphones. If you are moving from Android or Blackberry, depending on how much you relied on apps, this phone may or may not be an easy substitute. Finally, if you are using an iPhone, there is a good chance you won’t bother with changing your phone in general. Smile

As for the reviews themselves, I love the feature at gdgt which aggregates device reviews in one nice place. Check it out here. Some of my favorite reviews:

What’s your favorite review? Are you going to buy the Lumia 900? Let me know!

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