The Problem with Reviewing the Nokia Lumia 900

The Problem with Reviewing the Nokia Lumia 900

Furthermore, Microsoft has not released a new version of the Windows Phone OS. It is still Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango”, although it has some minor fixes applied, post-Mango. As a result, reviewers have to be pretty strict in not trying to evaluate the OS and instead focus only on the device. It is hard to do, and consequently, you end up seeing the unnecessary rant by Josh Topolsky about how Windows Phone is severely lacking when compared to iOS and Android.

[My counter-rant: It is unclear what exactly is Topolsky ranting about specifically with respect to Windows Phone. He claims the jerkiness of apps and lack of certain apps, however these are not issues when it comes to Android devices. Android’s lags and the poor nature of many of the apps, along with the perpetual complaints about battery life are well-documented, and even today, there are way more useful and beautiful apps on iOS than on Android. Clearly he chose to overlook these facts and continues to. I really like his reviews, but sorry to say, on this one he blew it.]

Finally, there is another angle which goes against Nokia and other Windows Phones, and that is the spec. Windows Phone has a strict guideline on the chassis specification and as a result, device makers aren’t allowed to deviate from some standards like screen resolution, processor, number of cores, number of buttons, etc. Windows Phone is engineered so well that it actually performs decently even with a single core, at lower speeds of CPUs and with much lower memory, than the competition. The tech blogosphere, though, is obsessed with tables which compare each spec of various phones, and the Lumia 900 will get “beaten” in most of those categories. This results in headlines with “disappointed” and “mediocre” when referring to the Lumia 900, despite several prominent writers declaring that the spec is dead.

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  • Mr. Double B

    First time here, but i must say i am so glad you posted this. I agree with every single word!

    I used WinMo 6.1, Android on Glaxy S2, Android on Xperia Arc S, and am the proud owner of a Lumia 800 for a month now. I would never go back to Android. Period. WP7 feels so “solid”, “well put together”. It’s like a German car :). And the Lumia is a perfect fit.

    Having said that, MS shoud really be beaten with a stick for stupid omissions/restrictions like lack of BT file transfer, lack of ability to send a contact to another phone, and IE9 not always resizing wide blog entries properly. But the negative comments in some 900 reviews about “jerky” apps , slowdowns, etc, are total BS. The only thing the “low specs” (RAM, CPU speed) show, is that you don’t need a dual core CPU and a gig of RAM if you have a proper OS. This thing is as fluid as a video.

    • Thanks for the comment, glad you agree :-)

  • Excellent post!! you hit the nail on the head. As a fellow blogger, I have read all the same reviews as you have. And I was thinking most the same thoughts you were. Microsoft and Nokia have many obsticles to over come. Yet I think what everyone will have to say when MS releases Windows Phone 8. But I must say the Lumia 900 is a great device and I would put it up against any device on the market now!

    • Thanks, Trent. I am ineligible for upgrade so will have to wait. Meanwhile, I got an 800 from a friend. So good.

      • Romit I have the 800 also, I won at a Nokia Dev event. But will use my upgrade for the 900.

  • I like your counter rant to Josh T.’s.
    Unfortunately, since Nokia is investing so much into the US market, Canada is once again left in the shadow. There has been zero advertising of the lumia 900’s preorder. there is a promo website set up, but rogers doesn’t even have it on their front page. The launch is rumored to be april 10, and I think it’ll be a quiet date, to be honest, since there’s literally no marketing/advertising being done.