Nokia’s Troubles Continue, AT&T Slashes Lumia 900 Prices to Boost Sales

Nokia’s flagship — Lumia 900 — was already selling for a fair bit less than the top end models from its competitors, and now AT&T has now gone ahead and slashed its price further. The Windows Phone 7.5 powered Lumia 900 is now available for only $49.99 on a two-year contract with AT&T. However, even the substantial price drop might be too little too late to save the Lumia.


Nokia’s biggest problem isn’t the device itself. Lumia 900 is a gorgeous phone with great build quality and a hardware that still feels pretty snappy. Nokia’s biggest concern is Lumia’s platform – Windows Phone 7. Microsoft has already announced that Windows Phone 7 devices will not be upgradable to Windows Phone 8. As a result, Nokia once again finds itself with a great smartphone that has been rendered pretty much dead on arrival. The same thing happened last year as Meego was killed even before N9 arrived in the market. To make matters worse, WP 8 apps won’t be compatible with WP 7. So, not only won’t current Lumia owners be able to upgrade to the latest OS from Microsoft, but they will also stop getting new apps by the time WP 8 hits the shelves.

No matter how Microsoft tries to spin it, there is simply no excuse for leaving Windows Phone 7 users stranded. Windows Phone 7 was supposed to be a new beginning. It was supposed to herald the future of Microsoft’s mobile efforts. Microsoft egged on developers to build for their platform. It sunk millions of dollars to develop the ecosystem. And now, it is simply turning around, and giving a big FU to the early adopters, to the Microsoft enthusiasts, to the people who actually believed in the Redmond giant.

A $50 price drop is unlikely to be enough to save a phone that doesn’t have any future. Windows Phone 7 ecosystem is already dead. Even if AT&T sells the phone for free with a 2 year contract, they might have a hard time selling it.

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