Nokia E72 Firmware v22.007 Available For Downloads

Nokia has quietly released a new firmware for Nokia E72, v22.007. The firmware update is available as a download through the Nokia Software Update, which is included in the Nokia PC Suite or Nokia Ovi Suite.


However, there is no changelog available yet for the firmware yet. We will update the post whenever the changelog becomes available.

If you do update your Nokia E72 firmware do let us know if you see any significant changes with it.

8 thoughts on “Nokia E72 Firmware v22.007 Available For Downloads”

      1. The hardware exists..they only have to make less phones but work on firmwares and applications. I never owned a nokia, I was an ericsson fan.
        I really hope Nokia doesn't lose the game completely..I hate monopolium, locked devices and few options.
        I want to get rid of my iPhone but still didn't find something good enough to get.
        I like n900 but the battery life and the apps are disappointing. I would like to see a maemo-symbian hybrid if ever possible. I would also like to see a resistive-capacitive touch screen.. I understand the technology limitations but everything is possible. Also an e72x with touch screen as well even if it will be not ergonomic..
        Nokia should also buy palm….but then..less competition.

        1. very true giorgos! Nokia should come-up with Eseries with touch screen capabilities. I just don't why Nokia had a problems incorporating make the 3.5mm as standard for audio with tv-out functionalities and what makes it harder for them also to incorporate camera lens protector and also the xenon flash! high priced nokia units should give us rewarding units! why not make the speakers of the 5800 as the default speakers for all units. why not make the 640×480 VGA 30FPS as the standard for video recording? i guess what they do is ALL MARKETING strategies!

  1. Hello,

    Today I updated and so far I only noticed an improvement in the optical navi-key performance. Though this is my first smart phone, so I am not really a power user and generally I am satisfied with it.

    1. @Stylee- Hi! I'am also been using E72 for the past two months, I just noticed some problems with it, can you check if the tutorial application of your phone have text on the dialouge box? tutorial can be found by clicking HELP>tutorial>"choose any of the items on it"


      1. Hi,

        I have been using the phone for almost 3 weeks now. Beautiful, powerful unlike other Nokias..I have totally fallen for it.. :)

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