Nokia Debuts Indoor Positioning System


Location tracking through global positioning system has helped us a lot since ages. But its no use or not working when we find ourselves indoors or in dense urban areas. And trust me we tend to find ourselves in such situation more than often. So Nokia has decided to solve our problem and the new service that nokia is offering is pretty cool, at least for shopping freaks like me ;)

Nokia has released a trial technology that allows users to pinpoint their location indoors inside the Kamppi Shopping Center in Helsinki.

Key features:
* Unique indoor positioning capability for locating shops, restaurants and friends
* Option to share your location with friends by SMS (the SMS contains a link to the indoor map and details of your location)
* Ability to search for friends nearby and view their position on the map
* Easy access to Kamppi Shopping Center information and discount vouchers

check out this video for more details:

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