Nokia confirms first Maemo 6 based device for second half of 2010


Nokia’s executive vice president, Solutions, Alberto Torres has confirmed that Nokia is ready to launch its first device based on Maemo 6, the latest generation of its Linux base mobile operating system, sometime in the second half of 2010.

Maemo 6 features a very powerful and intuitive UI which focuses strongly on web based social networking. Since it supports QT 4.6, application and UI changes will be far more frequent. Nokia boasts that it will be

iconic user experience and integrated internet services in one aesthetic package.

Nokia previewed the next version of its debian based OS a few weeks back at the second annual Maemo Summit in Amsterdam. Maemo 6 shows off a whole new array of features like:

  • support for capacitive screens
  • multi-touch
  • gestures
  • desktop filled with widgets
  • advanced graphics effects
  • automated and seamless switching between portrait and landscape mode.

Needless to say, this news has set every Maemo lover buzzing with excitement. With a very expectant crowd and Android on the verge of capturing the smartphone mega-market, Maemo must deliver.

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Arnaw Kumar

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