Nokia Completes LTE Modem

Nokia recently announced that it has completed trials with the first of its Long Term Evolution (LTE) capable Internet Modem.

The trials were conducted upon Nokia Internet Modem RD-3. Nokia Internet Modem RD-3 is not meant to be used by the consumers. The RD-3 can operate on GSM/EDGE as well as WCDMA/HSPA.

Nokia is a founding member in the LTE/SAE Trial Initiative (LSTI) and carries out interoperability testing with a number of network vendors, collaborates with measurement equipment manufacturers and is ready to support operators with their LTE deployment activities. The Nokia Internet Modem RD-3 is used in all these activities,said Jani Mäenpää, Project Manager of Nokia’s LTE/SAE Interoperability and Trials.

Nokia formerly advocating WiMAX 4G standard has now switched its attention to LTE development of high speed 4G wireless. There will be no WIMAX bandwidth not available to LTE. Telenor’s head of network technology strategies, Knut Erik Walter said “LTE is for sure going to lead. HSPA is sufficient until we get to LTE. This is our best way forward.”

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