Nokia Working on Carrier Partnerships in Europe for Windows Phone 8

Nokia is apparently planning to enter partnerships with multiple European carriers and share revenue with them for sales of its upcoming Windows Phone 8 handsets to create dedicated support channels for its phones. It plans to enter those markets by partnering with top carriers like Apple does with AT&T and Verizon in the U.S., instead of just selling phones which work with all carriers.

By offering revenue shares to carriers, Nokia could get them to back its devices by giving them a stake in the success of its Windows Phone 8 phones, which going by the rather lackluster showing of its Windows Phone 7 devices, would probably hardly rack up many sales.

One of the main reasons why Windows Phone has failed to gain much traction yet is because iPhones sell themselves while most carriers and store salesmen back Android devices due to their affordability and familiarity. By giving them a lucrative stake in the success of its Windows Phone devices, Nokia could turn over some carriers to its side, and gain some much needed traction to get to the tipping point, after which Windows Phone 8 devices would start selling themselves.

Nokia has already tried this in the U.S. with AT&T and the Lumia 900, and has seen some success with it. It wouldn’t be much of a leap for it to do in Europe as well.

Nokia could be the first device maker to launch a Windows Phone 8 smartphone, which could give it a slight lead over other competitors and an initial boost in sales. It lost nearly a billion dollars last quarter, and we expect it to continue to bleed cash in the coming quarters until it eventually gets back in the game, it at all it does.

via Reuters

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