Nokia C1-01 And C1-02 Firmware Updated To Version 4.40

Nokia recently released a new firmware update for its popular entry-level phone, the Nokia C1-01 and C1-02. The Nokia C1-01 is a dual-SIM phone with basic features, while the Nokia C1-02 is an entry level handset with dual-SIM, camera, FM Radio and other features. The latest firmware version is numbered 4.40 and it comes with general usability and performance improvements. Check out the complete changelog below.

nokia c1 01

Nokia C1-01 and Nokia C1-02 Changelog:

  • Performance improvements
  • Usability improvements

The latest firmware version can be downloaded from the Nokia Software Update or via. Over-The-Air (OTA). To get this software through your device, type in *#0000# on the home screen or go to Device Manager. Select Options > Check for updates and follow the on-screen prompts. It is advised to back up all your data before updating the device, just to make sure that no important files are lost during the installation.

51 thoughts on “Nokia C1-01 And C1-02 Firmware Updated To Version 4.40”

  1. i purchase a c1-01 with a version of 3.35. there’s a new software available 4.40 but i can’t download the new software. could you possibly help me update?

    1. If you are using windows 7, then let windows update run. It will update the nokia drivers, then update the nokia ovi to the latest version.

      If you still cant update post the error here. We might help you out.

      1. [email protected] says:

        when i restart my nokia c1-01 it automatically deletes all my msgs from inbox and sent items… plzz help me out !

        1. Hello guys. whoso ever has the issue with Nokia C1-02 and series where MESSAGES GET DELETED after a restart, please contact Nokia via the email and get your phone replaced. My phone was replaced by nokia.

  2. I have the same problem with my C1-01 on 3.35. Ovi store says no updates.

    When I check with the Nokia site with my product code, it says that there are no product updates for my device?

    I’m on the UK site and it says that 4.40 should be available?

    Do some carriers not get updates? I’m with T-Mobile. I have absolutely no idea why Nokia or T-Mobile would do this. I only bought this phone to tide me over until my contract will can be renewed in a few months, as my smartphone got ran-over.

    I was considering waiting to see what Nokia came up with on their WP7 smartphone front, but if they play silly beggers with updates, I’m not really interested.

  3. hello.
    i use c1-01 v4.40 light grey.

    1. i want to know how to remove Operator name from screen.

    2. how to remove the ‘Home Screen menu’ from appear on display. i just want an empty display -only battery & network bar. (or small time & date)

    Thank you very much for your support. :)

    1. If you go thru the Phone and look for Updates, just try connect to the Web via your phone, if you put in *#0000# it comes up with the Phone being in v: 4.40 but it does upgrade the Software takes about 20 mins or so. just do not stop the update. It may just crash.

    1. there is no device manager in c1-01 DM comes in symbian mobiles and it is s40 device, goto phone in settings option look there if you could find phone updates option there, it depends on firmware software version if your’s is 3.30/40 you won’t find it but if you have 5.45 you can find it, and idk about 4.40 because i jumped from 3.30/40 to 5.45 take care.

  4. Hey friends i forget my c1-01 pin code can anyone solve my problem
    and give me solution what to du…………………………………………..

  5. you can’t stream any online videos in c1-01 because of lack of flashlite and any j2me youtube player application won’t work in it the only way to stream online videos is via bolt bolt browser not lite version full vrsn and you will need to run it in desktop mode not mobile, but it will show you very small video however you can make it bigger by enabling landscape mode but there is still a problem which sucks is that it doe7’nt play video continuosly it’ll take break of 6/7 sec and play video for same time,

  6. I’m using latest Firmware for my Phone (Nokia C1-01) which is Software Version 05.45, Dated 22-06-2011. I updated it from the Nokia Care Center in Pakistan.

    V. 05.45
    (c) Nokia
    Varient: 00.00.

    The only thing which is new is Drafts Messages Folder. Other things like Performance improvements & Usability improvements.


  7. Hello,
    you haven’t mentioned what usability and performance improvements. Need to be a little bit more specific. Most updates for example a PC would have Security updates and bug fixes. Similarly a phone update, most of the times would have performance and feature improvement.
    The two most import improvements are…
    1) bluetooth audio quality
    2) memory card improvements

    and by the way Nokia C1-02 does not support *#0000#> check for updates.

  8. Sir, i have nokia c101 and i want to download opera mini 5 on it can u give me the link to download it aur anything else from which can i find this software!:-)

  9. i have version 06.01 which is updated from nokia care but there is nothing new in that. when i try to update it it says that no new siftware udate are available.plz help

  10. [email protected] says:

    I purchase nokia c101
    it does not support in phon during online video what do i do

  11. i have a nokia C1-01 its software is v.5.40 and there are nokia c1-01 mobiles which have v.5.45 and when i update it is says no new software updates, what should i do?

  12. -My c1 01 lost its games and converters.
    -I cant update my 3.35 software
    -whats the major diffrences between v 3.35,4.40 and 5.45?
    Please someone answer.

    1. I’m having problems with the displaying of the time on my C1-01. It does not auto-update so the time doesnt change. It says : Cannot set date and time, auto-update active.

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