Nokia Breaks Their Billion S40 Mark

Break out the bubbly, Nokia has officially broken a billion sales of their Series 40 handsets. 1.5 billion to be exact.

In their effort to bring Series 40 to the emerging masses, Nokia promised to reach the “next billion”. Today Nokia announced they have broken 1.5 billion S40 handsets sold. The Nokia Asha 303 was the lucky handset to be handed off to the lucky purchaser, 21 year old Mayara Rodrigues. With a celeb-like fanfare, Mayara met with Vice President of Nokia Brazil Almir Narcizo, and Retail Network President, Luiza Helena Trajano for their inaugural moment (pictured above).

It was Mary McDowell who promised Nokia would help “connect the next billion”. She was referring to emerging markets, new smartphone owners and people who are using their first internet connection from a mobile phone. As the Executive Vice President for Nokia, McDowell is incredibly proud to reach this milestone.

“Having 1.5 billion Series 40 devices sold is a hard-to-reach mark, let alone one attainable in a single line of products. At a time when we are maintaining our commitment to connecting the next billion customers around the world – it is gratifying to consider how Series 40 devices have made mobile technology accessible and help continue to change people’s lives for the better.”

It’s fitting that the 303 was the device Mayara chose, as the name Asha is sanskrit for ‘hope’. Announced at Nokia World 2011, the Nokia Asha 303 is a Touch and Type Series 40 handset. It features a full hardware QWERTY keyboard and a touchscreen, for dual functionality. The milestone mobile was purchased from a Magazine Luiza store in São Paulo. Mayara purchased it as she “loves staying in touch with friends and family through social networks.”

Hey Nokia, what’s cooler than a million billion? The next billion.