Nokia Belle Handsets Get A “Quality Improvement” Software Update

Nokia has started rolling out a new “Quality Improvement” software update for its Belle powered handsets. While Nokia has not released any specific change-log, reports from users suggests that the update mainly fixes some bugs and makes some under the hood Qt files related changes.

The update is only 8KB in size, which indicates that the changes brought about from this update is minor in nature. The update can only be installed using the ‘Software Update’ application found in nearly all the Nokia Belle powered handsets.

In other Nokia related news, the company has confirmed that its latest camera flagship – the Pure View 808 – will be available in select markets, including Russia and India, sometime in May. Below is the official press release from Nokia -:

Nokia today confirmed that the Nokia 808 PureView will start rolling out in select markets in May. The first markets to begin selling the Nokia 808 PureView include Russia and India.

While Nokia has not mentioned anything, the Pure View 808 should soon be available in some other regions of the world as well where Nokia has a pretty decent market share and lots of fan boys including U.K and Finland, its home country.

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