Nokia Becomes Top Windows Phone Maker in Q4 2011

Nokia may have been late in embracing Windows Phone, but it has already become the largest Windows Phone manufacturer, according to the latest report by Strategy Analytics. Around 2.7 million Windows Phone devices were shipped in Q4 2011, of which Nokia accounted for around 0.9 million, or 33%. When Nokia first announced that it would be adopting Windows Phone as it primary smartphone platform, there was a lot of outrage. However, it seems that Nokia may have made the right move.

Windows Phone is expected to gain traction in the coming years, and become one of the top 3 smartphone platforms globally, with Android and iOS. However, for now, its total shipments are only a fraction of the total smartphone shipments. In Q4, Android probably saw more shipments in a week than Windows Phone saw in the entire quarter.

Strategy Analytics also noted that Nokia was grabbing market share from HTC in the Windows Phone segment. HTC is under siege even in the Android segment, where it continues to lose market share to Samsung.

Nokia’s future is now tied almost completely to the success of Windows Phone. If Windows Phone fails to take off, Nokia’s position may be no better than that of the captain of a sinking ship.

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