Nokia Astound/C7 Gorilla Glass Survives After Being Run Over By a 4 Ton Bus [Video]

Nokia Astound/C7 Gorilla Glass Survives After Being Run Over By a 4 Ton Bus [Video]

I have used several Nokia phones in the past few years and one of the things that I love about them is they are rough and tough phones which do not break as easily as other devices.

Nokia Astound

I have practically dropped my Nokia N95 hundreds of times including on concrete. Thankfully, I just had to put the battery back in and things worked as usual.

Nokia Astound or Nokia C7 as many people know it is a new mobile phone which launched on T-Mobile in the US. The phone will be selling for  $79.99 and is definitely worth the money.

What is more worth it is the new Gorilla Glass display which is part of the new Nokia devices. The display is dubbed such because it is tough and almost unbreakable. The Folks at Nokia and WOM World wanted to prove how tough this glass was, and tested it out by running the Nokia Astound over by a 4 Ton bus at the CTIA 2011.

So do you think that the phone will break into pieces? Well, you are wrong. The Nokia Astound survived the bus and worked as if nothing ever happened. Check out a video of the Nokia Astound surviving a 4 Ton bus and making it out without problems after the break.

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  • lawrence

    I call BS on this quote man prof tecky phone! my brand new astound slid off the table, fell no less than 30in and the glass broke like a shattered car windshield the first day I got it, and to top that T-mobile said it was 100% covered, but the secondary company that does their insurance (Assure) Says it will cost me $90. bucks for the deductable. Like 100% means getting it in the ASSure

  • nisha

    i just dropped C7 from say 100cm above the ground (of course accidentaly) and the glass shattered to pieces.. but the phone still works yet the glass is completely broken.. now it costs a lot to get it replaced.. :(