Nokia Announces Twist on Verizon Network


This weird but cute looking handset named as the Nokia 7705 Twist will be launched under Verizon network. Nokia 7705 Twist has a unique square shaped design with rounded edges and a square screen. Swivel the screen to unveil the unique QWERTY keypad.

The phone features include 2.4″ QVGA TFT Screen, fair enough for the compact device. It comes with Contact Light Ring-Allows you to set different color lights for different contacts. Nokia 7705 Twist also has a 3 mega-pixel Camera with Flash, Autofocus and Timer with Video Recording capabilities.

Sadly enough it comes with a 2.5mm audio jack. This means, you cannot use your favorite headphones with Nokia 7705 Twist. We can’t really understand the motive behind this, since even the lamest phones in market comes with 3.5mm audio jack these days.

The phone is up for grabs on the Verizon network for 99 US$ with a two-year contract. The price is after a 50 US$ mail-in-rebate.




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  • coolfx35

    Nokia Twist is certainly unique, but it’s awkward. The Twist offers a fair number of features, decent performance, and a nice keyboard for messaging and e-mail; however, it can’t measure up as a multimedia phone. I got it from Verizon Wireless for only $99 with a 2 years contract, i think i just like it’s unique design, but i could probably spend a little more and get the motorola droid, which I probably won’t use most of the cool features. I still love my nokia twist.