Nokia Announces Music+ For $3.99 Per Month

Nokia has just announced Music+, a premium music streaming service for Lumia devices. The service will cost $3.99 per month in the United States and €3.99 per month in Europe. The service is essentially an upgrade to the company’s existing Mix Radio service. Mix Radio is a free internet radio service which is run by Nokia. The service allows users to listen to Mixes for free, though users can only skip a limited number of songs. If you hear a song you like, you can purchase it within the application. Finally, the service also allows users to download Mixes for offline listening. Mix Radio is currently only available to Nokia Lumia users.

Why would one want to subscribe to Music+, anyway? For one, the service gives users a lot of benefits over the standard Mix Radio service. When you subscribe, you’re instantly given access to unlimited Mix Radio skips as well as higher quality music streams. Nokia is also launching a desktop Music+ app which is only available to subscribers, so you’ll be able to listen to your favorite Mixes when working from your computer. However, the biggest Music+ benefit would have to be the fact that you can download as many Mixes as you’d like for offline listening. Standard Mix Radio accounts are capped at four downloads at a time.

Source: Nokia via The Verge
Image Source: John.Karakatsanis

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