Nokia and ST-Ericsson join hands for TD-SCDMA

Nokia and ST-Ericsson
Nokia and ST-Ericsson

Nokia and ST-Ericsson have announced a long-term partnership to develop TD-SCDMA technology and Solutions portfolio. As part of this deal, Nokia will be using ST-Ericsson’s chipset platforms in all the Symbian-based TD-SCDMA devices it develops.

TD-SCDMA stands for Time Division Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access. It’s a 3G mobile telephone standard developed by CATT (China Academy of Telecommunications Technology).

It combines features of both circuit switched data (used in speech or streaming videos) and packet switched data (from the Internet). This standard also merges TDMA with an adaptive synchronous-mode CDMA. Needless to say, it works really fine.

ST-Ericsson has been in this field for more than six years. It has been developing technology and devices featuring TD-SCDMA through its Chinese subsidiary T3G.

Nokia has put forward many plans to strengthen this deal. The new Nokia 6788, launched last month, is a Symbian-based TD-SCDMA device. Nokia has also  announced the creation of a dedicated TD-SCDMA R&D team in Beijing.

So, with Nokia taking up development of the devices, the future for TD-SCDMA looks bright enough.

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