Nokia and Intel Live Press Conference MWC, Barcelona

Inte and Nokia

Today, at the press conference of Nokia in Barcelona, Intel was supposed to join them. Everyone was wondering what is the reason behind this. Nokia and Intel have merged their respective OS i.e. Maemo and Moblin to a new OS called MeeGo.

So what does this mean? This means that the two companies will now run MeeGo OS on their phones. Applications of Moblin and Maemo will be supported on MeeGo. The first MeeGo handset is supposed to be released in Q2 this year.


MeeGo will coexist with Symbian, is said by Nokia. MeeGo will be open source OS. During the Q/A, Nokia was asked that, why would manufactures select MeeGo? Nokia replied that “This is truly open — we really are inviting everybody.” We will see in future how this new OS performs. But there is still quite a long time left, before the first MeeGo device hits the market.

Android has been the recent choice for most of the mobile handset manufacturers. So it will be interesting to see, how this new joint OS from Nokia and Intel performs in the market. This is it from Nokia and Intel for now. Stay tuned for the Nokia press conference.