Nokia Announces A Bunch Of Accessories, Including an NFC Equipped Portable Speaker

Along with the Nokia N9, Nokia also announced a bunch of news accessories, dubbed as Gears.

First and foremost, Nokia announced a new charger, the Nokia AC-16. This new charger comes in white, with a detachable micro-USB cable. This new charger will be shipping with the Nokia N9, and can also be purchased separately.

Nokia also announced a new Bluetooth Stereo headset, BH-111. Nokia quotes a stand-by time of 120 hours, and up to six hours of music playback. The BH-111 will be available in five different colors, and will start shipping this summer for €39.


The most interesting and unique accessory which Nokia announced today is the Nokia Play 360. The Play 360 is a portable Hi-Fi speaker, and as its name suggests, pumps out music in all direction (Omni-directional, instead of one-directional).

The most interesting feature of the Play 360 is the support for NFC. Users can easily play music on the 360 by just tapping their NFC enabled phone to the speaker. The portable speaker also has a 3.5mm audio port for connecting your phone to it in a traditional way.

Google demonstrated the same piece of technology at the Google I/O this year, but said it was only a prototype. However, Nokia has gone ahead and made the prototype a reality! However, the speakers are pretty costly at €149, and will start shipping in the third quarter of this year.

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