UPDATE: Nokia 5800 v50 Firmware Update Released

Nokia has released a new firmware update for its first S60v5 touch phone the Nokia 5800. The Nokia 5800 got a major firmware update at the beginning of this year with firmware version 40. The v40 firmware update for Nokia 5800 brought with it – Kinetic Scrolling throughout the interface except for Icon based menu(s), New updated homescreen, better performance, Ovi Maps 3.3 and better reliability. The v50 firmware update for Nokia 5800 brings Kinetic scrolling in menus, new N97/Mini type music player, more reliability and smoother interface. It was just yesterday that Nokia had released a new firmware update for Nokia N86.


QuickOffice has also been integrated into the phone with this firmware update. Users who updated their phone to the latest version, also report that the camera quality has marginally improved. A new application called Ovi Sync is also installed by default. Users can update the firmware of the phone using Nokia Software Updater Or via FOTA. The Nokia 5800 features UDP (User Data Preservation) so users can update the firmware via FOTA, without any fear of loosing their data. Even then, users are recommended to create a backup of all their sensitive data before updating the firmware of the phone. As of now, the firmware update is only available in the APAC region.

UPDATE: The new firmware also enables kinetic scrolling in the web browser of the phone. Sadly, the web browser does not have the option to go in full screen mode now. Quite a strange move by Nokia here.

UPDATE 2: The browser automatically goes into full screen mode, just like the web browser on the Nokia N97/Mini. It was not working on my phone for some reason. Started working properly after a hard reset!

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  • noknok

    Posted yesterday on Nokia Users Discussion web site ,

    All references to V5 removed no links to illegal software is the reason why .

    So is it True Or False V5


    • Yes the v50 firmware is for real. I myself have updated my Nokia 5800 to the latest firmware (v50)

      • chin

        wats ur product number? something like 0575xxx

  • manfid

    well im still stuck at V20.
    hope someday i can upgrade.

    • Which Country do you live in? Better change your product code and shift to v50 fw.

      • Adrian

        And what can one do to change product code mate i’m on v40 since february when updated from v31 and still no update available for me. i’ve even unlocked my phone to see maybe there’s something wrong, and tryied to check for updates via phone and not pc but still nothing. maybe you can help me ? Thanks.

        P.S. nokia. once i can upgrade i moving on android or iphone they seem to be better.

    • Ayan

      Hi Manfid, probably the update is not yet available in your country. better yet, changed the product code of your phone. thats what i did and now i have the latest fw.

      • manfid

        im live in a country where firmwares updates are a NO-NO to my carrier… lol
        how can i change my product code?

    • ayan

      probably update is not avaiable in your country, better yet change the product key of of your phone. that's what i did. and i have the fw50 now. checked this website – http://lovemynokia.com/nokia-5800-firmware-update

  • TCP

    Thanx man! Thanx v much for sharing this with us and thank you Nokia for your unrelenting support to 5800 users! :D

  • Luffd

    For the web browser you simply need to touch the screen and wait a couple of seconds to turn to full screen mode.

  • brenno

    mm just when i thought v40 was great, they go and release another update just a few months later! this is music to my ears (yes, pun intended >:D)
    thanks nokia, and thanks to everybody else out there who owns a 5800, without the phone's popularity i doubt these updates would keep rolling out!

  • Marius

    I still do not see QuickOffice…

    • Joao Luis

      i can´t see it either…help anybody?thks

    • Kalyan

      I also installed the V50 (50.0.005), but no quick office. I am from India. Why Nokia is doing partiality with it's customers? Some are getting quickoffice while some are not.
      Please Nokia Do something for us, what sin we have made that you are giving the quickoffice for Product code 0575590

      • me too installed v50, but NO quick office. I live in Jordan

      • josalyn

        me too. just update to v50 last june 1, 2010 but no quick office. Im from the Philippnes.

        • Prasad

          me too. just update to v50 last june 14, 2010 but no quick office. Im from the India.

    • fv

      there is a quickoffice available in ovi store. 12 euros

  • Sshah

    I m in USA and I don't see any updates for my phone. My phone's software version is 31.2.101
    How do I get updates via FOTA? Can you share with me the server profile you set on your handset? I already tried below server profile but no luck :(.

    Server Name Nokia
    Server ID Nokia
    Server password firmupservpass
    Access point [select your preferred AP]
    Host address https://dms.update.nokia.com/dms/omadm
    Port 443
    User name nokiams
    DM password nokiamspass
    Allow configuration Yes
    Auto accept all requests Yes

  • Kuro_Shinobi

    hey guys I have a problem when I try to update my software they say the newest software for 5800 is v40 why is that ?

  • Ads


    Many (if not most) carriers have not approved any updates. That means you need to "jailbreak" or debrand your phone to receive what is rightfully yours =no warranty.

    I you have updated to 5.0xxx and don't have quickoffice is probably because you did it OTA (over air). There is a big difference btw the OTA version and the Nokia updater.

    You can't "roll back" either from the OTA update.

    Simple enough?

  • Jatin

    I live in India…..What is mini music player and I didnt get office with update…Can u tell me what to do ?

  • Shahul

    The new v50 firmware, one thing is really nice.. OVI map is getting a GPS lock within seconds, as fast as Google Maps.

    • J-F

      How did you update it??? Any website you can download it directly?? thanks for helping my friend :)

  • ADIL

    plz let me know how to update my nokia 5800 …china…to latest version

  • sam

    I m in IRAN (IR) and I don’t see any updates for my phone.

    My software version is 40.0.005.help me pl.

  • aniket

    hi all,
    i think i m the most primitive of u all…my nokia SW version is 11.0.009.blue.01 (this is what is see after doing *#0000#)
    can someone tell me where i can find the V50 FW update. i was looking it up on the nokia site, but there isnt a mention….maybe i cant locate…
    plz help…

    • fola93

      when you do *#0000# you'll see where it's written options. do there and then you'll see update. click on it. that's all.

  • aniket

    i could update the Firmware from V11 to V50..but i cannot see quick office and the music player doesnt show any songs in the list…although it can read the pics from the memory card…
    help again !!!

    • Adrian

      You need to refresh library in main window in media player press options and there you should have them songs.

  • mehul

    Got the same phone but after upgrading to version 40.0… it kinda giving me a problem that after sending every single mms the phone restarts…Hope that bug is fixed in version 50.0… :(

  • alex

    whlie my Nokia Software Updater download the 156Mb file, it went through 156 until 160 and so on

    • darren

      just restart the downloads and it would work fine

  • Luca

    While I appreciated many of the new features, I hated the fact that the podcast functionality of the music player seems to have been diminished, rather than improved. No more smart playlist such as 'recently added', 'unread', and no more views by date of download. One can only browse by title, which makes for very cumbersome experience when one's driving/cycling/walking/jogging. each time a title section ends one has to fish the mobile out of the pocket to select a new section and so on… And podcasts are not seen by the playlist generator so no fall-back option either. All in all, this is kind of pushing me to give up on Symbian and give a try to an Android-powered headset.

  • Mick

    is it possible to change my product code? (5800 xm)

  • hackkx

    i cant update ! no update available! but my nokia code have in list available..y he say no update available..where i can setting in my phone?

  • Mosiur Rahman

    can i get this firmware update? My location is Bangladesh. And I’m nokia 5800XM User.