Nokia 5800 Firmware v40 Changelog, Screenshots and Videos

Recently, Nokia released a new firmware update, version 40.0.005 for Nokia 5800. The latest firmware update comes with the much awaited kinetic scrolling and many new features such as a new home screen similar to that of Nokia 5530, contact & music widgets and so on. Check out the complete change log, screenshots and videos below.

nokia 5800

Nokia 5800 Firmware v40 Changelog:

  • Kinetic scrolling
  • Home style widget with Nokia 5530
  • if you rotate the phone horizontally, it automatically activates the QWERTY keyboard
  • Refresh Icons “Sharing Online”, “Configuring Accessories”, “Configure Phone”
  • Improved application “Updating Applications”, which also renames Upgrade SW
  • The application “Data transfer” was also implemented in “Settings”
  • Real Player Updated
  • Touch more responsive
  • Slide to Unlock during call
  • Improved stability
  • New contact & music widget
  • Kinetic Scrolling is not available in main menu, application menu, browser.
  • Home Screen similar to that of Nokia 5530
  • Removed the alphanumeric keypad in landscape version, now when we turned the phone alphanumeric portrait changes to full qwerty
  • New screen alarm, but only when the screen is locked
  • New screen incoming call, also only when the screen is locked
  • Ovi Contacts installed
  • In the settings menu there is a new icon for ‘Phone Switch’

Nokia 5800 Firmware v40 Screenshots:

nokia 5800 firmware v40 screenshots

Nokia 5800 Firmware v40 Videos:

71 thoughts on “Nokia 5800 Firmware v40 Changelog, Screenshots and Videos”

        1. ok, your right, but when there's no light, it is like shooting with 1.0 mpx camera :D my friend has an nokia 5230 and his camera that is 2.0 is much much beter at low light then my 5800 with 3.2 AF carl zeiss optics camera xD why?!

          1. cos the camera sensor in 5800 is a cheap one,
            the pictures are brightened(or contrast increased) to compensate its low light performance and all images looks washed out. can't find any reason for the AF carl zeiss optics put in there without a decent sensor.

          2. The video really is impressive.
            About the pictures, I'm wondering if the software couldn't be improved so the cell is not over-compensating systematically. I don't mind having low resolution in low light, I mind STRIPES in my picture!!!

  1. where can i download it? be couse when i open the nokia software updater thats told me your device its al ready up date and i have the V31. help

    1. It is not available for all product codes. I guess you will have to wait for some days.. If you cant wait, you can anytime change your product code and upgrade your device. But remember that it voids warranty. :)

      1. Goto the nearest Nokia Care and get it done there for free….mine did not show the update to be available online but nokia care did it for me

        1. I'm having your problem as well… I can't even start music player because it keeps on searching for musics and podcasts…

          Besides from that, if I try the file manager, and look up for my musics, and select one to play, it just shows me my background and it gets stuck…

          I can only play my musics if I go to Change Profile and select the music I want to choose to be my ringing tone… But as you can guess, that's OBVIOUSLY not a decent solution…

          Any replies to this, even if it's just to say that you have the same problem would be much appreciated (note: if you end up here by searching on google, you can reply here without an account, just as I did… so please, let's support each other…)

          Thanks in advance to all the people out there,


  2. Hi .. could you also provide a link to download the firmware from ? along with some instructions to update it coz the nokia software update is showing the 31. update only .. not the 40.

    1. The latest firmware upgrade is not available for all product codes. I guess you will have to wait for some days.. If you cant wait, you can anytime change your product code and upgrade your device. But remember that it voids warranty

  3. The update is update is very well done but there is still a problem.when i listen to music it often freezes when its goes to the next song.then I have to switch off the phone in order for the music player to work

      1. if its a latest update.why must i uninstall applications to make it works better? it SHOULD works better without uninstall anything.

        almost all of my applications cant work anymore.

        n freezes when i open my gallery.

        1. so reinstall your firmware completely. Its very similar with windows, if you install a new service pack, sometimes you can get errors with soft. The best idea make a clean install! So did I. Then it SHOULD go like stink.

    1. I agree. The music player does get stuck very often. I would try to follow Augis's suggestion – reinstall the firmware completely. Let us see. :-)

  4. Is this new firmware version of the Nokia 5800 going to be available for the 5800 handhelds sold in the Philippines? Or even the whole Asian lot? Please reply to my email or my twitter @destroytegs
    Thanks a lotsa!

    1. Hey DT, As I said earlier in the comments… The latest firmware upgrade is not available for all product codes. I guess you will have to wait for some days.. If you cant wait, you can anytime change your product code and upgrade your device. But remember that it voids warranty. :)

      1. how can i change the product code?I'm in Iran and whenever i want to upgrade via phone,it said no updates available,but my version is 30,please tell me how can i change the product code to download V40,or is there any other way

  5. i too updated my phone but through OTA. the problem i'm facing is when i change theme, the applied theme is not applied completely as traces of previous theme remain till i restart my phone. What to do?

  6. Hi

    I have Windows 7 (64-bit) .I Downloaded and Installed Nokia Software Updater and my phone is 5800 XM.

    I tried about 10 times for updating my phone ,but It doesn't even download the updates!

    By the way,I'm Living in IRAN and I downloaded the ver.31 by WI-FI and I believed in you.

    please e-mail me how to update my phone.

    thanks,I'll be waiting

  7. I'm in Iran and i cannot upgrade to V40 because it said no updates available,i know it's because I'm in Iran but how can i change the product key to DL V40?i already have V30,but i really need V40,plz help

  8. Probelms…
    Once the 5800 keypad is locked, try to plug in charge your phone. It will NEVER turn off the screen even i have set it to 5 sec or 10 sec.


    now i can never charge my phone switched on. Because it will use up all my battery.

  9. Does anyone know how to stop/snooze the calendar alarms?

    When the screen is locked and the new alarm shows (very nice BTW) I cannot stopp or snooze it. Tried turning on the screen but no effect.

    Red button snoozes but does not stop so repeats – v annoying.

    Any ideas?

    1. Alarm Issue Resolved

      I have resolved the issue of the alarms not snoozing/stopping.

      What you need to do now is swipe the screen rather than press the button.

      You need to swipe it in the direction of the arrow:

      Snooze = Right to Left

      Stop = Left to Right

      Of course if you want to snooze the alarm you can also press the red button.

      1. hi to all. When the mobile is in silent mode and an alarm is active, if I try to stop/snooze using the new method, the screen becomes unrecognizable even tough the phone will still be functioning. Am I the only one experiencing this ?

      2. Oh my dear GOD, ****THANK YOU***** – after installing version 40, first thing I noticed was I "couldn't stop the alarms" anymore (even though the new animation looked really cool) – and that made me so mad ;-)
        Thanks to you, I now know that is not a FLAW but a NEW FUNCTION (not sure it was urgent to change this, but it WORKS, I just didn't know HOW!!!)
        You saved me from a totally useless complaint with my retailer and/or NOKIA, you MADE MY DAY.

        BIG CHEERS TO YOU !!!

        …and I will now check this site every time a new firmware comes out… as I didn't realize all the goodies that came with this one ;-)

  10. I have updated to latest version and experiecing some issues with music widget. Once i click for next song mobile hangs and i have to restart it again.

    I do not have any extra application installed on my device. This could be a bug which nokia has to look into

    1. 5800 is something new in the market. Nokia always stressed on usability rather than product imaging,, but this time, we are looking at something different :)

  11. Kinetic Scroll still not available when viewing images from galery. Hope this will make availablle in the next update. “Slide to unlock” should be a permanent feature and not just during incoming call only.

  12. Hi,

    I also have nokia 5800xm. GPS take more than 30-35 min. to connect. I am from delhi & using vodafone connection.

    Is there way I can reduce this time & get GPS signal fast ( I have even enabled A-GPS)

  13. HOW TO UPDATE YOUR 5800 Xpress MUSIC to latest V40.0.005?…

    some people having problems how to upadte to V40 firmware this is the solution

    V30.0. and Etc. to the latest firmware on 2009 2010 the >>> V40.0.005!!!!!!!

    Its EASY like popping a popcorn!!!! add me on facebook, YM and tell you how and ill give you intructions where you can download it for free, a software where you can edit your Product code that has a new latest firmware V40

    [email protected]

    i will give you instructions how to edit your Product Code Then Update it to V40.0.005
    simple and easy

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