Nokia 5800 Firmware Updated To Version 51.0.006

Nokia recently released a new firmware update for its first S60v5 touchscreen phone, the Nokia 5800. The new version 51.0.006 can be easily downloaded from Nokia Software Updater or via Over-The-Air (OTA). This update is not available through Ovi Suite. The new firmware update comes with improved browser and performance. Check out the complete changelog below.

nokia 5800

Nokia 5800 Firmware v51 Changelog:

  • Improved Mail for Exchange
  • Improved video calls
  • Improved browser
  • Improved Performance

Even though Nokia 5800 has support for User Data Preservation (UDP), you should backup all your data before updating this device. This update may not be available for all product codes. You may have to wait for few days or even for few weeks before this update is available in your region. If you find something new or if you have some screenshots or videos of this firmware update, please share with us.

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  • nasid

    this firmware is nearly the same as 50.0.but nokia should give us a new audio and video player and also the 5800 is in real need of a dramatic update in its camera section.the hardware is fine but they shd develope a good camera application that will take care of the image quality problems.thnx

  • Nokiaman

    I agree that camera is bad. Everything is good on my 5800 except camera. How with Carl Zeiss optics can be so bad quality? My Samsung D900i had better camera than 5800 XM.

  • undying031

    will my language set still available when i update??bcoz las time i update to version5.0 i lost my language set…and i nid to pay to restore the language set…

  • Bytza


  • nasid

    ya its cool.but ppl listen carefully.ihave done a little seems that 5800 has a fair sized camera lense and other optical requirments but whats the core prblm than.its either 3 of this prblms. 1. The placing of the camera 2. The camera really doesnt deliver the promised hardware and optics(though carl zeiss is just a show nothing else, many plastic lens offer the same quality). 3. The software is faulty. I personally think its a problem with the camera software. Nokia should stop concentrating on n8’s imaging solely, they should provide the 5800 users with a working solution of the camera problem. Because they claimed that 5800 would be a fair shooter but its not. We paid for the phone and now they should provide a solution. Thnx guiz

  • Ha

    Hi, I’ve a question, so, I DID UPDATE my Nokia 5800 mobile phone by myself by using Wifi and sometimes it keeps restarting by itself! I call Nokia Center and they say that i have to install the latest version of update on PC by using PC SUITE. So, in my mobile phone has 51.0.006 version and can I reinstall it from the PC? if i, how? can anyone helps me, please? Thanks.

  • Mae Gonzales

    where can i get this update?? please.. thanks..

  • zaynab

    HI everybody…
    I live in Mauritius…am having problems with my nokia 5800 xm, i cant send msgs…i am trying to get the new firmware for nokia 5800 but i cant updae to the latest…an anybody help me!!

  • kikkok