Nokia 5800 Firmware Update v40.0.005 Comes With Kinetic Scrolling

Recently, Finnish mobile phone maker, Nokia, released a new firmware update for Nokia 5800. The new version 40.0.005 can be easily downloaded from Nokia Software Update or via OTA (Over The Air) feature. It is advised to backup all your data before updating your device. The complete changelog is not yet available, but the much awaited “kinetic scrolling” has been confirmed by the users.

nokia 5800

The new firmware update comes with kinetic scrolling and new home screen similar to Nokia 5530’s home screen. Some users have even claimed that the kinetic scrolling is smoother and much better than Nokia N97. This update is not available in all the regions. You may have to wait some days or weeks before it is available in your region.

We will update this post as soon as we get the complete changelog, screenshots and videos of this firmware update. If you find something new or if you have some screenshots or videos of this firmware update, please share with us.

[ Update: Head over to this post for complete changelog, screenshots and videos of Nokia 5800 Firmware Update v40.0.005 ]

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  • jose paulo

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    V30.0. and Etc. to the latest firmware on 2009 2010 the >>> V40.0.005!!!!!!!

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    • Tarun

      why dont you share it here …so that other people can also benefitted from this..

      • joseph

        yeah, why dont you share it here.

  • Shoumya

    I am still running version 30.0.011and this reflects on the software updater as the most recent one !! Does India fall way behind in term of firmware updates.

  • wred

    Nokia Service Center upgrade my phone to version v40.0.5 but it not work well. Not work touch screen during calling (i must use green button to accept incoming calling), not work slide in both side. When i call i can't use touch screen – it's blocked automatically, i must unblock device to hangup call or turn on/off speaker…

    I reinstall firmware, hard reset phone, restore default… not help…

    it sucks…

  • talal

    i installed the new firmware v40 on my nokia 5800xm first the shortcut theme on my home screen wasnt working so i had to use the contact bar theme but now as i have updated my firmware the new look of telephone and contacts tab are not working. i can press them but they are not opening, and i can also not see the number pad option on my home screen which means i can only call those who are in my phonebook and no one else. can you please help??

    • bobama

      still waiting for v40…..why is it taking so long!?!

    • Leonbakhan

      Take my advice… do not upgrade.. I was so bored with the phone after upgrade that I gave it to my son.
      As i have said earlier it has lots of bugs and many thumbnails do become useless.
      I have the honor of using more than fifty phones and till now all of them nokia except one. Noe i have moved over to windows mobile.
      Nokia has very good phones but this update has irritated me most.!

    • mojk

      "… contacts tab are not working. i can press them but they are not opening, and i can also not see the number pad option on my home screen…"

      Hey Talal, this problem has nothing to do with the firmware upgrade. It could happen when the phone is in usb mode and you unplugged it from the pc. It happend to me. All you have to do is hard-reset the phone, the firmware upgrade will be kept.

  • Alan

    I've recently upgraded my Nokia 5800 to V40.0005 & its true the scrolling is vastly improved. Its now possible to scroll through your contacts one by one & actually select one without the display jumping from A to Z as it used to. However, its not all good, be warned there are bugs.

    Firstly the Full Screen Qwerty keyboard is lost, or it appears lost. It seems that the trick is to select the alphanumeric keypad & rotate the device. At that point the Full Screen Keyboard appears. That clearly wasn't thought out was it?

    Secondly on the previous software issues an incoming call or an alarm would over-ride the manual screen lock & allow the user to answer the call via the onscreen buttons that are presented as the phone rings. Now when an incoming call is announced by the ring tone the screen buttons are visible but remain locked out. Trying to answer a call then appears to be impossible. The way to do it is to answer the call via the screen lock slider on the side of the device but you don't have the opportunity to reject it. That's not logical either!

    To silence an alarm you have to use the red button on the bottom right of the front face of the device but be warned that only silences the alarm it doesn't stop it. To do that you have to unlock the screen & manually select the item & stop it.

    Nokia could have done better. I hope it gets fixed soon.

    • Sam Bulakh

      You dont have to use the unlock key to answer the call. Just slide your finger in the direction of the arrow on the answer button on the touch screen and you can take the call. Hope that helps.

    • same here! its annoying! who can give me a solution to that?

  • r0ss

    hi, i'm from malaysia, how can i update my 5800?because nokia said that no update avaible for my phone.

  • kenZ6677

    hi, i’m from malaysia too, how can i update my 5800?because nokia said that no update avaible for my phone.

  • basit


    • Gilbert

      Hi, i have a nokia 5800 which i got unlocked from orange to use in a different country, if i update my software will it be locked again pls??

  • Joao

    i recently install the new firmware and now the phone is locked and i can´t unlock it what can i do? does anyone can help please

  • khokhar97

    very good

  • zameer

    plz mail me technique how 2 update 5800. I hav tried d way shown on nokia site but its shows authentication failed