Nokia 5800 Firmware Update v40.0.005 Comes With Kinetic Scrolling

Recently, Finnish mobile phone maker, Nokia, released a new firmware update for Nokia 5800. The new version 40.0.005 can be easily downloaded from Nokia Software Update or via OTA (Over The Air) feature. It is advised to backup all your data before updating your device. The complete changelog is not yet available, but the much awaited “kinetic scrolling” has been confirmed by the users.

nokia 5800

The new firmware update comes with kinetic scrolling and new home screen similar to Nokia 5530’s home screen. Some users have even claimed that the kinetic scrolling is smoother and much better than Nokia N97. This update is not available in all the regions. You may have to wait some days or weeks before it is available in your region.

We will update this post as soon as we get the complete changelog, screenshots and videos of this firmware update. If you find something new or if you have some screenshots or videos of this firmware update, please share with us.

[ Update: Head over to this post for complete changelog, screenshots and videos of Nokia 5800 Firmware Update v40.0.005 ]

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  • cope

    I'm very glad to hear that, but, how we can be sure that is truth about kinetik scrolling? It will be more than great if Nokia release that for 5800 users!!!

    • Users from all over the world have confirmed that this update comes with kinetic scrolling. Yes, it is dream come true for all Nokia 5800 users, including me :)

  • Fo your info the v40.0.005 is only available via NSU and not FOTA yet.



    AWESOME!!! Nokia 5800 ROCKZ!!!

  • krishna

    kinetic scrolling…updated apps…and phone's faster now.
    smooth as silk…i am kicked abt this!!

    • Isaac

      I disagree. My phone actually got slower due to this firmware version.

      • @Isaac
        I disagree with your comment… The device is now much faster. I guess you should uninstall unnecessary apps and delete some files. I hope it works :)

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  • Leon

    I own a nokia 5800 XM and when i run the software cheker it says software version installed is v30.0.011 . There are no updates available.

    Though I have updated the set earlier.

    How can I update to the latest version.


    • It is not available for all product codes. I guess you will have to wait for some days.. If you cant wait, you can anytime change your product code and upgrade your device. But remember that it voids warranty :)

      • leonbakhan

        That means it will be availbale latter for all devices.?

    • ashrith

      u go nokia service center for ur update some phones have problem frm ota updates

  • Isaac


    I just finished installing it and I've notice it takes longer to respond. Sometimes you actually need to tap relly hard for it to respond.. More comment to come.

    • I disagree… My Nokia 5800 XM is now much faster. I guess you should uninstall unnecessary apps and delete some files. I hope it works. :)

  • Thiyagarajan


    its good to hear… i will check it,

    • Please use NSU for upgrade.. Ovi Suite sometimes does not show the latest firmware upgrade. :)

      • derrick

        i tried using NSU but it can't detect my device. I tried using ovi with my device it works, including trasnfering music, photos and all. any idea what's wrong?

        • tejas

          hey i just upgraded to software to v40.0.005 but the slide answering option is not please.

        • nauman

          hi derrick

          do the following to update.

          1. Install NSU on PC

          2. Connect the phone to PC using USB cable

          3. Start Ovi Suite

          4. From Tools menu, start NSU

          have fun :).

          • Ravinder Jamgotre

            Hi Nauman,

            This is not working, you get the lovely updating circles and then after 10 minutes no updates are avaiable for version 40.0.005 and it says that version 31 is the latest

  • danypraveen

    im frm india i updated.initially on 15th morning i was able to see that update from software update in pc but by night my phone also showd update is available.15mb if its FOTA or else 120MB frm PC.

    YAHOOOOOOOOO!! kinetic scrolling–gud-its in contacts,music library

    touch response is better now

    but i dint like the new homescreen-guys u need to go to homescreen and click contact bar one thn only u will get the new one.not that attractive as far as im concerned prbly will take 3-4months to get atrctve looks.

    i have seen all the changes listed on website

    on the whole better than before.

    Kinetic scrolling

    * Home style widget with Nokia 5530

    * if you rotate the phone horizontally, it automatically activates the QWERTY keyboard

    * Refresh Icons “Sharing Online”, “Configuring Accessories”, “Configure Phone”

    * Improved application “Updating Applications”, which also renames Upgrade SW

    * The application “Data transfer” was also implemented in “Settings”

    * Real Player Updated

    * Touch more responsive

    * Slide to Unlock during call

    * Improved stability

    * New contact & music widget

    * Kinetic Scrolling is not available in main menu, application menu, browser.

    * Home Screen similar to that of Nokia 5530

    * Removed the alphanumeric keypad in landscape version, now when we turned the phone alphanumeric portrait changes to full qwerty

    * New screen alarm, but only when the screen is locked

    * New screen incoming call, also only when the screen is locked

    * Ovi Contacts installed

    * In the settings menu there is a new icon for ‘Phone Switch’

    • kikopong

      ***New screen incoming call, also only when the screen is locked***

      How does this work? whenever someone is calling me and my phone is locked, there's two buttons showing up, 1 is for the Answer and another for the Unlock, but whenever I tap any of these buttons, nothing these buttons tapable? or just decorations? hope you can shed some light to this..thanks in advance! regards!

      • Kaushik


        u have to move your finger from left to right in the block called "answer" for answering and vice versa for unlocking…

  • Ramkumar

    Hey all my indian friends
    i just called nokia careline,and asked them about the firware upgrade to V.41…..they said that they have no news about the release of V41 in india…so @danypraveen i wonder how you did it

    • The latest firmware upgrade is not available for all product codes. I guess you will have to wait for some days.. If you cant wait, you can anytime change your product code and upgrade your device. But remember that it voids warranty :)

    • danypraveen

      i will upload in the youtube if u want these 3 days i found it very nice.kinetic scrolling is enabled in almost all lists excpt Kinetic Scrolling is not available in main menu, application menu, in the list given.whn ph locked if u get a call just swipe answer or unlock its working in my phone in the list starred ones all are there in my phone.the thing is 5530 home screen is not atrctv toh for me.probly u hav to wait.llet me tell u @Ramkumar on 16th update avlbe was shown only on sftwr updte pc version my phone dint show any update i tried many times thru pc but was not able to do.but frtuntly in the night my phone also showed new updte so done it thru wi-fi.must hav update now i will say 5800 ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ZeroBuu

    I'm trying to get this update but i'm getting the "no updates available" message from NSU. A friend of mine has the Nokia 5800 and he got updated to v 40 but mine's stays at v 31.0.101.. any insight?

  • Cope

    Yup, update is available, I've updated my Nokia yesterday and finally I have kinetic scrolling and homescreen like 5530 :)

  • PK Loo

    hi.. i upgraded to the V40.0.005 Firmware and in general i've seen performance improvements but there is one big problem that i have with this firmware. It with the alarms. I use my phone as an alarm clock in the mornings.. it still works, problem is that nothing happens when i press the button to "Stop" or "snooze". The phone doenst respond at all !! I have to physically press the on / off button to get it to stop ringing…

    • ben911

      hahaa.. I got the same prob this morning.. Bummer!!!

      • Cope

        yes, its new option for alarm and for call answering :) just slide with your finger on the display from left side to right when it's ringing in the early morning :)

    • kaushik

      u have to move your finger along from left to right in the answer botton…

      it'll def work, it works 4 me…..

  • Nizam

    It's available now in Malaysia,currently downloading it via NSU for 145.4MB. Damned the slow connection!!!!

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  • ksa_d_ace

    my phone is giving me the notification of the latest available software ie the 40…….something. so its available in india.

    • Yes, the update is available in India.. Even I updated my Nokia 5800 XM from India.

      • ashvini

        sir actually i m not understanding how to get coz i m new 2 ths plz help me if u can

  • ashu

    why Slide to Unlock during answering call

    as well no silence option?

  • daniel m

    hi , where can I download this ? it looks awesome

  • music player stucks while selecting a new song

    have 2 restart the fone every time after that

    how can i resolve it????


  • Emil

    Hmm, I just updated, I can't see any changes on the homescreen it looks the same. How do I change that to add widgets? I have been browsing options but no luck so far :(

  • Ashish

    For which product codes is this update available?

  • 5800

    I am having 5800XM and i tried to update the software. but it is saying that no update availbe. my mobile is V31. How can i update???

  • Chucky

    The new firmware works fine but where is my full qwerty keyboard??? it seems like they forgot it… I need it!!! please help!!!

  • Joe

    Phone is slower to respond to answering callsand operation in general. Gives the feeling that the contacts and touch screen is not working properly.

    Not running any additional apps. Similar set up to out of the box. Definitly an issue with the software was fine before.

    • leonbakhan

      There are many bugs in this upgrade and it casues different problems in the different devices.. These differe from one st to another depending upon the languages and codes. In some it runs perfectly.. as is evident from many comments here and in majority ones it causes minor flaws like most of us have experienced. In my case there are two problems: one the font thickness has changed.. it has become thin and now I have to change the settings to largest one; second the touch screen response is erratic but very rarely and only when there is incoming call.

  • Partha

    I went to the Nokia care center to get the new firmware upgrade for my 5800XM. They said since my warranty period is over I have to pay 350 bucks for the upgrade.
    This Sucks!!!
    Did anyone else face this problem? Is it possible to download the v40.0.005 app separately to our PC n update or phone. any ideas anyone