Nokia 5530 v30.0.009 Firmware Update Released

Nokia has just rolled out a new firmware update for the Nokia 5530. The new firmware update is numbered v30.0.009. The Nokia 5530 has a 2.9-inch screen with a resolution of 360*640 (nHD). The phone is powered by anclip_image001 ARM 11 434 MHz CPU, and has 128MB of RAM along with 70MB of internal memory. The device also has Wi-Fi, GPS, and a 3.2MP camera with LED flash.

The changes in this firmware are similar to the changes, which the Nokia 5800, 5230 got via a firmware update earlier. There is kinetic scrolling throughout the phone’s UI now, including the web-browser. The web-browser is now similar to the one on the Nokia N97, and automatically switches to full screen mode after sometime.

The music player of the phone has also been updated to resemble that of the N97. Two new applications Ovi Sync and Ovi contacts have also been added. The firmware is available via Nokia Software Update, as well as FOTA. The Nokia 5530 has UDP, so users don’t need to make a backup of their device before updating the firmware.

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  • Ramipithecus

    Wifi not working after update

  • fraz

    overall phne became a tiny bit more responsive. Wifi didnt work at first so i changd the channel of my Router to 9 and it startd working. Only one problem. XPLORE has become very unresponsive. If anyone knowms how to fix ths problem Email me plz. I tried reinstalling. Updating. Nthng workd. xplore remaind unresponsive. Email;

    [email protected]

  • Jireh

    my music library is not working anymore after update. what should i do?

  • Navin CP

    I still have version 10.0.050.. can i update to this latest version?? also how to update through phone internet on phone.. i am unable to do so… its asking me to connect to pc and update… i hav no pc… pls tel me how to update…??

  • mehboob

    i dont recieve any update from nokia. whenever i try to update my mobile, every time it shows no update available. while few days before my self updated the mobile of my friend having same(nokia 5530) model.

  • tauseef

    i updated the phone to version 30.0009 , the latest.

    anddd in two to three tries it connected to software updater.

    (the update software took so long to download, it gave just 10 kbps download . DAMN)

    after the update, the fone turned off, i turned it oN , and GOSH ! it works so well..

    thanks NOKIA ! the only problem/issue i have figured out is that TWO times (while texting sms) as i touched the BACKSPACE on lcd, it wiped out so many words in continuty by ITSELF. so i had to touch it again to stop it.( MAY BE , it was as i had run too many apps that day , restarted the phone and still no issue. )


    after update no data loss occurred !

    and,, a guy reportd in sum forum that his video and photo editors aren working with v30 firmware9though were working with v20, just read this,leme see if mine are working in v30,, hold on ;p

    PHOTO EDITOR is working… andd ….VIDEO EDITOR is also working(made a video on the phone and edited it)


    (those who have issues are because, they USE/Open/TEST too many apps ,unistalling installing , that FILLS the RAM to its BRINK and so phone starts flirting. otherwise , >> thanks to nokia, 5530 is a heavenly gadget !)

  • Me

    Hey! That phone has no GPS!

  • zubi

    i updated my nokia 5530 firmware to v30.0.009. its all good. but a big problem for me is the time settings. in the new firmware PAKISTAN's time zone is set to +0600hr. but the actual time zone is +0500 hr. i dont know how nokia can do this blunder.its rubbish. i m having a lot of problems due to this.

    • Shankar

      the same problem is in our tie zone"Nepal", it shows +00 hr….

      this is a huge problem

      • Bibek

        This sucks! nepal timezone +00 hrs :@

  • How do i update from my mobile?

  • johnny

    I have this phone Nokia 5530, and seriously, its just amazing!!! And yes, the GPS or maps do not really work everywhere (that sucks!!) Its my second laptop really. So whenever im in a rush or dont feel like turning on my laptop, all i do is grab my phone find my network (or use Wifi) and wah lah!! Im connected to the internet in seconds. I would not change this phone! (Unless I get a blackberry…)

    • none

      5530 is not having GPS…why are u so proub this junk piece :(?