Nexus Prime Caught On Video Running Ice Cream Sandwich; Looks Tasty!

Due to Steve Jobs death a couple of days ago, Samsung and Google today decided to postpone the Ice Cream Sandwich announcement from October 11th, to an unspecified date. This news definitely disappointed a lot of Droid lovers out there, since they can hardly wait to get their eyes and hands on the next Nexus branded handset.

Now, the folks over at MyDroidWorld have some good news for us Droid lovers. They have somehow managed to get their hands on the Nexus Prime boot animation, a video of ICS running on the Prime and a whole lot of screenshots.

Below is the video of the upcoming Nexus handset from Google running Ice Cream Sandwich :

From the leaked video, it’s clearly visible that the next Nexus handset will not have any touch keys. Instead the bottom part of the screen will act as the Menu, Home and Back buttons, which change according to the app requirement. Also, from the video the next-gen Nexus handset seems to be blazing fast. In fact, I think it’s faster than my Samsung Galaxy S II, which is no small feat. All thanks to the GPU rendered UI I guess.

The leaked screenshots also show that ICS will have an MIUI 2-way lock screen. The whole UI is mainly black, with a futuristic theme. The multi-tasking UI is similar to the one found in Honeycomb.

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