Nexus One Will Only Be Sold To Developers

, the futuristic phone which was unveiled by Google in January 2010 will no longer be available for sale to the general public. Google has decided to step out of the hardware business and continue working on the platform instead.

Nexus One

According to a recent blog post on the Google Nexus One blog, Google just received a new shipment of Nexus One. However, the new Nexus One phones will be available only through a "partner for sale" offering to registered developers.

This would mean that developers who get their hands on the new Nexus One will get and will also be the first to get the which is expected to be released in October 2010. If you are an Android developer, you can purchase a Nexus One by visiting the Android Market Publisher site and logging into with your developer account. For the rest, this is the end of the road of the Nexus One.

Update: Nexus One will not be available to general public in USA, other countries may still get the Nexus One.

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