Nexus One Walkthrough Hits YouTube: More Information Leaked

The Nexus One leaks are continuing to trickle in. Slowly but surely a much clearer picture about the highly anticipated Google phone is beginning to emerge. Earlier today, a rather lengthy walkthrough of the Nexus One interface appeared on YouTube. The video quality is pretty poor, but the walkthrough is definitely thorough.

Along with a video, several new snaps of Nexus One have also been leaked. All of them are available over here.

The Google Phone: Nexus One
Nexus One compared with the iPhone

Meanwhile, Gizmodo and tnkgrl were lucky enough to be able to get a hands-on with Nexus One. The hands-ons once again confirmed that, Nexus One would pose a serious challenge to Droid and may even manage to take on the much revered iPhone. Some of the things which were confirmed are:

  • The phone looks great and feels great.
  • The screen is splendid – it is vibrant and reactive.
  • Nexus One is fast – I mean really fast.
  • Nexus one supports animated and interactive wallpapers.
  • At the moment 3G works only on T-Mobile. On AT&T, the Nexus One uses EDGE.
  • Multi-touch support is not present in the browser or in Google Maps.

For hardware specification and more information about Nexus One check out our previous posts.

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