Nexus One T-Mobile Contract Phone Might Cost $199, Unlocked $500

the so called Google Phone might arrive in stores as early as January 5th and according to unconfirmed reports (or rumors), Google will be subsidizing the the phone with a T-mobile contract, and selling it for as low as $199. Now that price is as competitive as the iPhone 3GS. Sadly, an unlocked Nexus One phone might cost as high as $500, however, these are only unconfirmed reports about it.

Please note that this news is still unconfirmed, so you might see a completely different pricing when the Nexus One is launched, however, we wish that the rumor about the unlocked version pricing is false :-).

[via Android And Me]

One thought on “Nexus One T-Mobile Contract Phone Might Cost $199, Unlocked $500”

  1. Actually, it turns out, even the T-Mobile version is "unlocked," meaning you could use it on AT&T. How cool is that? Though if you need it for AT&T, not sure why you would be getting it subsidized from T-Mo, but whatever…

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