What The F**K: Censored By Nexus One
By on January 23rd, 2010

Voice recognition in mobile phones has been a boon for people who just don’t have the time to type, and yes, the world  has lost all their ball pens and keyboards and want software to decipher and understand what they say rather than having to spend time typing it all out.

However, there are several reports which suggest that the refuses to understand abusive languages, not out of robotic ignorance, but because Google decided to teach their robots to be non-abusive.

"We filter potentially offensive or inappropriate results because we want to avoid situations whereby we might misrecognize a spoken query and return profanity when, in fact, the user said something completely innocent,"

However, not only is the F word censored, there are several other abusive words which do not work in the text-to-speech feature built into the Nexus One. Google, would you allow us to use our choice of words, or do you plan to control that as well, eh?

Disclaimer: I am not suggesting you use abusive words on your phone, however, it is not right to limit abusive words because your software or robot will get it wrong, it is after all plain English, don’t you get that?

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