Next-Gen iPhone May Have 5 Mega-pixel Camera: Will Be Launched in WWDC 2010

iPhone fans get ready – the next-gen iPhone is coming. According to reports, Apple may be preparing to introduce the new model during WWDC 2010, which will probably take place during June 2010.

Omnivision – the manufacturer of the iPhone 3GS imaging unit, is expecting the number of units ordered by Apple to grow from 20-21 million in 2009 to 40-45 million in 2010. Omnivision is also believed to have received orders for 5 mega-pixel CMOS image sensors (CIS) from Apple. This confirms the speculation that, the next generation iPhone will include a 5 mega pixel camera.


In 2009 alone, Apple ordered a total of 65 million CIS units from Omnivision. This enabled Omnivision to register a profit of $8.1 million in the second quarter of 2009, after being in the red for four consecutive quarters.

At the moment very little is known about the next-gen iPhone. But, Apple is definitely on the right track. An upgraded camera will help iPhone remain competitive in the face of renewed competition from the likes of Droid (and upcoming Nexus One).

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