New Swype Beta Brings Context Prediction, OTA Updates and More!

The swiping folks over at Swype have just released a new beta of their popular keyboard – Swype – for Android. This new version of Swype brings with it lots of new enhancements, and some much needed changes.

First and foremost, after installing this latest Swype Beta, users will no longer need to use the SwypeInstaller to update their Swype version. They can install the updates directly via the Swype settings menu. Users will also be automatically notified when a new Swype beta is available for download.

Support for 11 more languages including Frecnh, Italian, Japanese, German, Spanish and Swedish have also been added. The language packs have been divided into 4 regional downloads, so users need to download the  language  pack  separately.

The keyboard layout has also been tweaked, and the “Globe” key has been finally removed. The Numbers row have also been moved to the top row as in a traditional keyboard.

However, the most important change in this update is the context prediction system. Like Swiftkey, Swype will now also analyze the text you have already entered, and offer predictions based on that. Swype states that this will lead to a 40% increase in the  prediction  accuracy.

Users need to update to this latest version of Swype using the Swype Installer that can be downloaded from here.

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