New Firmware Update For Nokia N86 Available

Nokia, last night, finally released a new firmware update for its current camera flagship phone Nokia N86. The firmware update is numbered v21.006. Users can update the firmware of the phone via FOTA(Over The Air) or via Nokianokia-n86-8mp Software Updater (NSU). Nokia N86 is currently the top of the line imaging device in Nokia’s line-up. The phone has a 8MP camera with dual LED-Flash.

The last firmware update for Nokia N86 (v20), bought in face detection for the camera and few other new features. This new firmware update is basically a maintenance release and it looks to fix the numerous bugs with the current firmware. Users can easily update the firmware of the phone by entering *#0000# and then selecting the option of Check For New Updates. Since Nokia N86 supports UDP (User Data Preservation), users can update the firmware via FOTA, and they don’t need to worry about losing any of their contacts or messages. Users who have updated the phone to the latest firmware, don’t report any major performance improvement. Typical of Nokia, no official changelog is available for this firmware udpate until now.

I will update the firmware on my Nokia N86 tonight and let you guys know if there is any new feature or has most of the major bugs been resolved or not.

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Rajesh Pandey

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  • ordinarylyf

    I was wondering if you were able to complete the upgrade. I have been trying to get it myself but I suspect that it is not available for my RM number.. My phone is RM-485 and I am on AT&T. Let me know..

    • Yes I was able to update the firmware of my Nokia N86 using FOTA. The firmware does not bring any noticeable changes though. I live in India btw!


    • Yeah, no. The RM-485 appears to have not received the upgrade yet, as I am also using it, carrier regardless. I have tried the FOTA as well as NSU, to no avail.

    • Aha! I speak too soon! You can change your product code via Nemesis Software Suite to any of the following:

      0580975: Argentina NoFMTx Indigo
      0580995: Argentina NoFMTx White
      0580983: AUSTRALIA 850 Indigo
      0580998: AUSTRALIA 850 White
      0580992: Hebrew_for_850MHz Indigo
      0580999: Hebrew_for_850MHz White
      0580974: LTA 850 Indigo
      0580990: LTA 850 White
      0580950: NA 850 Indigo
      0580988: NA 850 White

      Just make sure to change it back when you're done.