New Features That Rock in iOS 4

iOS 4 has been released officially and is available for download. You can content yourself with a few screenshots if you are not one of the lucky iPhone users. iOS 4 has brought the power of multi-tasking to iPhone, the very features that made Android better than iOS. However, this feature needs a supported app and you can read more on iOS 4 multitasking here.


Here is a quick look at the new features offered by iOS 4.

The iOS 4 has the much advertised and talked about feature, multitasking. This puts the iOS at par with Android and also affects its battery life. However, battery is one thing people are least worried about. The feeling being able to Tweet, reply to Facebook comments and watch videos, all at the same time is too great.

Moving on, the next feature that has arrived with the iOS 4 is camera zoom. The latest iOS 4 features a camera zoom of up to 5X, eliminating the need for a paid app to do this very basic task.

Bluetooth Keyboard Tethering allows you to type in chat and any text area right from your PC or MAC keyboard. This comes in handy when your phone is connected to a computer.

The HD video recording on the iPhone 4 will get more powerful with a Video Autofocus feature. The feature will be seen on all devices though, not just the iPhone 4.

The iOS 4 supports Multiple Exchange Accounts allowing support for Exchange 2010 as well. This also allows syncing of notes.

This is a small list of what appears at this page.

With this release, Android has something big to compete against. This war will prove beneficial for users of both these current mobile OS giants.

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