New Angry Birds Installation, Mine And Dine, Coming Soon

Angry Birds Logo
Of course you’ve heard of Angry Birds, it’s just about the only game to take the mobile industry by storm overnight and influenced an  elaborate birthday cake with actual game play and completely edible. Rovio Mobile, developers and publishers of the game have given a sneak-peek at the new and upcoming levels on their YouTube page. While the gameplay has stayed relatively the same through-out each and every episode – the scenery, environment and music is an extremely welcome change to the addictive game.

The video shows off an underground level, complete with pigs in mining gear, precious crystals and boxes of explosives. Fans of the game are sure in for a treat when it’s released and hopefully Rovio can expect to see numbers like 1 million downloads in 24 hours again. It’s nice to see that Rovio is continuing to build on the game, but it would be even nicer to see some change or enhancements to the gameplay in order to keep it refreshing and fun.

Be sure to check the App Store, Android Market, your favorite software repository or simply click on over to Rovio’s site for more information on acquiring the game once it’s officially released.