Names Of Upcoming Nokia Phones Leaked; S Series Devices To Make Use Of Moorestown Platform

Looks like Nokia is set to rock 2010 with a bunch of handsets. The folks over at Mobile-Review managed to get hold of a leaflet, which shows the upcoming handsets from Nokia. The list shows the upcoming Nokia from all their series E, C and X. In the E series, Nokia has already launched the E5, while the E6 and the E7 handsets are still unannounced. The E7 is anticipated to be the successor of the Nokia E72. The E-series from Nokia is primarily targeted for business use, so we expect all the devices to feature a QWERTY keyboard.


The Nokia C series contains seven handsets. Of these seven handsets, only the Nokia C7 is yet to be announced. Going by the naming scheme, we expect C7 to be priced higher than the Nokia C6.

The N-series consists of Nokia’s multimedia oriented handsets. Nokia has also announced the N8, and the 12MP camera has not failed to impress critics. The N9 is yet to be announced by Nokia, and hopefully it will be a successor to the Nokia N900. This means that the N9 should run on the new MeeGo OS.

The X series consists of five handsets, out of which two handsets are unannounced X2 and X7. The X2 will be a low priced handset music oriented handset, while the X7 will be the top slot of the X series. We expect to see the X7 running on the new S^3 OS from Nokia.

The leaflet also points at a new Sseries of devices from Nokia. Nokia has never mentioned anything about the Sseries devices before. According to fear_samuraitorat Mobile-Review forums the S series indicates, A name reserved for limited phones. Mobiles that do not fit in other categories come in here. Maybe the Intel Moorestown based devices will be named under this new Sseries.

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